7 Proven Tips and Tricks To Become a Home Office Pro

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It’s not a buzzword but it’s a reality. The Home Office has become a very common fact in the very recent time.

Working from home is difficult as you might not have the proper environment and many distractions might come your way.

In the experience of thousands and millions of people, there are interesting tips and tricks to stay efficient over office hours.

We will be discussing the 7 most effective tips and tricks to keep you productive and achieve the purpose of work whether you stay at home or stay on a trip.

1. The “Environment” Therapy

It’s not possible to get the most productive hours at the home office without actually creating the environment for it.

The first task is to change your home environment to a home office. You might want to create a separate room or a separate space in the corner of the room and set up your desk out there.

You can also remodel your old storage, garage, or basement for the home office.

Secondly, you should dress like a grown-up though you are staying at home. Your clothes should be cozy and comfortable that achieves both the office and home environment.

Thirdly, you have to consult with your family members that even if you are staying at home, you have to work and you need complete mental support from them.

2. Organize Your Desk

An “impossible” person is always untidy whether it’s the office or home. Studies show that cluttered desks and stuff loosen productivity.

When things are in place and organized, it gives a soothing feeling to your eyes and creates psychological peace. Utilizing your full potential is only possible at this level.

3. Keep Distractions Away

It will be very distracting when your children start to play around you by making noises or your family members call for any other stuff.

You might also face noises from the outside environment and other technical issues like power cuts and internet disconnection.

Overall distractions will loosen productivity.

4. Stay Focused as You Would Be in the Office

If you can ensure the above two things, your next task is to prepare yourself to stay focused on the office work. We will concentrate on 2-3 things.

Firstly, keep in mind the fact that even if you stay at home, you work to meet the needs of your bread and butter. You must have a purpose for your work. Without it, you will have no clue to work at home or the office.

Secondly, prepare a to-do list in the morning and recheck if those activities are achieved at the end of the day. You can also note the next day’s activities.

If you have to manage a lot of tasks and social integrations, you can use project management software like Notion, Trello, MS Teams, Zoom, Google Meets, etc.

5. Green Height, Bright Light

As you are staying home the whole day, it is necessary to achieve the need of your room light and save energy at the same time.

At the office, your desk might have a desk-focused light, but you can do this at home naturally if you set your desk just beside the window.

Also focus on setting greenery plants at your room, desk, and window spaces. The combination is worthy.

6. Cool Room, Cool Mind

Controlling the temperature of your room is necessary to maintain the temperature of your mood.

If you are used to the air conditioner at your home, then it depends on your level of comfort. But take care of your whole day’s electricity consumption when you stay at home.

Another good alternative is to use a ceiling fan. Modern ceiling fans have the technology that enables you to change ceiling fan direction. You will have year-round comfort both in summer and winter.

7. Breaks on the Go

Yes, you must indeed use your full office hours depending on your work. Besides, you must take breaks now and then maintain your work efficiency and psychological peace.

Take 5 mins of break every 20-30 mins from the computer. Utilize your lunch hour with your family members at the dining table. 


On a good note, we can say that there is no cookie-cutter formula for how you will achieve productive hours all the time at the home office. But as a matter of fact, you must abide by some discipline to stay focused and help the company that fulfills your necessities to achieve their goals.

About The Author: Samuel Adler. LEAD STRATEGIC CONSULTANT AND WRITER. Samuel Adler is a 29-year-old executive who always enjoys creating something new and play around the central home improvement. He is a creative writer, a reader, and a full-time learner, but he just doesn’t like to eat so much. Being a part of The Home Impro, Samuel Adler found the platform to fully utilize his passion for creating something new.
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