5 Signs of Water Damage in Your Home

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Water damage can be devastating to your home. As a result, you must identify this destruction as quickly as possible. The sooner you realize that you have water damage and can fix it, the less time and money you will have to spend solving the problem.

Mold is especially dangerous because it can cause health problems for your family. Keep reading to learn some of the early warning signs of water damage before it wreaks havoc on your home and your life.

Musty Odors

Trust your nose. If something smells off to you, then the odds are that you are right. While old homes generally come with distinctive smells, if anything changes abruptly, it could be the sign of an issue.

The longer you choose to ignore a strange smell, the longer the problem can grow. Unfortunately, if the problem does get bad, the wet carpet smell can last a long time and may require professional assistance to remove.


If you see stains on the floor or the walls and can’t think of any logical explanation as to why they would be there, then water damage is a likely culprit. A stain from this type of problem is usually yellow-brown and irregularly shaped.

However, you may also see different colors such as black, blue, grey, or green that may be due to mold.

Stains never appear for no reason. Therefore, you should always investigate any strange discoloration that you notice in your home.

Flooring Changes

If you notice changes in your flooring, they may be linked to water damage even if it is not apparent right away.

Linoleum will often peel, while laminate is likely to warp. Tiles may loosen seemingly for no reason when the real culprit is underlying water damage. If you notice that carpeting is wet to the touch, then you should undoubtedly investigate thoroughly immediately.

These changes can often go unnoticed for long periods if they occur in areas that are not traveled frequently, such as the corner of a room or the attic. Therefore, you should be sure to periodically check your entire home for these types of issues, especially if you only use that space from time to time.

Peeling or Bubbling Paint

If water is leaking in the walls of your home, then you will likely see changes in the paint or drywall.

Saturated and sagging drywall is often pretty easy to spot; however, you may have to look a little harder to notice peeling or bubbling paint due to misplaced water.

Cracked drywall can also be a sign that there was moisture that caused the wall to swell and then pull back.

High Utility Bills

While water bills generally fluctuate seasonally, if you notice severe increases out of the blue, then this could be a subtle sign of a leak that could be causing water damage in your home.

Therefore, it is critical that you always at least take a quick glance at your water bill to make sure that the amount is what you expect or at least explainable.

Act Before It’s Too Late

You should not take water damage lightly. The longer mold is left untreated, the more resources you will have to use to fight against it. This takes away time you could be spending with your family, enjoying the beautiful home that you have.

However, now that you know some of the tell-tale signs of water damage in the home, you will be able to notice it quickly and get it taken care of before it causes a significant problem.

About The Author: Written by Clayton R.

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