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Modern Bathroom Design Ideas for Your Next Bath Remodel

If you are ready to remodel your bathroom to give it a more modern look, you have many options. Modern bathroom decor offers a streamlined look that’s sure to impress. Many bathroom designs feature classic/light neutral colors, warm wood tones, and white tile. Some homeowners prefer a modern bathroom design with elements like marble floors, sleek lines, and black-and-white color schemes. 

Beyond how they look, modern bathrooms use space to improve a bathroom’s functionality and flow. If you’re looking to give your bathroom a makeover, this project guide will walk you through some modern bathroom ideas to transform your space.

Modern Shower and Bath Ideas

Let’s start with the part of your bathroom where you’ll spend the most time getting clean – the wet area. When you plan your bathroom renovation, your bathing area will play a vital role in modernizing the space.

Freestanding Soaking Tub

The spacious, minimalist look of a freestanding oval-shaped tub can add some mid-century modern flair to your contemporary bathroom layout. It also makes for comfortable bathing. You can also use accessories to make the space more inviting. With a remodeling company like Alure Home Solutions, you can have a freestanding tub installed in as little as one day.

Walk-In Shower

A walk-in shower is one of the cornerstones of a modern bathroom design. They add perfectly to the open, spacious feel you want in a modern bathroom. You can opt for a glass shower door or even a doorless design that uses the floor tiles to direct water into the drain. You can also make it the focal point of the room with custom shower wall tiles. If you have a small bathroom, a walk-in shower can help you use less square footage since space is at a premium. 

Walk-In Tub

A walk-in tub can be a sleek addition to a bathroom that also improves accessibility. For homeowners with limited mobility, walk-in tubs are the perfect way to soak and relax without worrying about stepping over a high threshold. 

Modern Bathroom Floors and Walls

Modern bathrooms favor cool tones and neutrals like white, black, charcoal gray, or light blue. Whether you prefer a white bathroom that enhances natural light or a bold design with matte black and dark wood, there are countless ways to create a modern bathroom that suits your unique style preferences. 

Geometric Tiles

While subway tiles and square tiles are suitable for a wide range of aesthetics, they can disappear into their surroundings. If you want something more unique and eye-catching, geometric patterns are a good way to add some visual interest to your bathroom’s floor and/or walls. Popular geometric layouts for bathroom tiles include herringbone and hexagons.


Marble tiles or wall panels are a great way to create an elegant, luxury bathroom space. Paired with black or brass fixtures, marble floors or walls offer an upscale look. Since marble comes in a wide variety of colors, it’s a versatile material that works well with other materials like wood.

Vanity Ideas

Apart from the wet area, your bathroom’s vanity area is one of the most noticeable parts of the room. Choosing a bathroom vanity and countertop that’s both functional and visually pleasing is essential for your remodel.

Floating Vanities

A floating vanity uses a wall mount to achieve a “floating” appearance. A wall-mounted vanity can give your bathroom a clean, modern look while also optimizing floor space. You can use the under-sink area for a storage caddy or leave it empty to make the bathroom feel more open. You can have just the vanity mirror wall-mounted or the cabinetry mounted as well.

Vessel Sink

Whether your bathroom has one sink or double vanity, a vessel-style sink is a unique design choice that adds some interesting character to the bathroom. Vessel sinks have a basin that sits above the counter for an eye-catching design. You can have a freestanding or integrated vessel sink. They come in subtle round shapes, as well as more fun options like geometric or even asymmetrical. The look of a vessel sink gives the bathroom a spa-like feel. Plus, you can match your new sink with a sleek-looking faucet.

Lighting Options for a Modern Bathroom

Modern bathroom designs favor sleek lighting fixtures. Using warm bulbs can help simulate the comfort of natural light. 


Wall-mounted sconces are a good choice for soft light that isn’t too harsh. Sconces can be geometric or rectangular for a more streamlined look, or you can choose something more unique like bubble lights. The light from sconces should point upward to reduce glare and create the desired effect.


While a chandelier may seem over the top, a subtle one can add just the right touch of class to the interior design of a modern bathroom. Paired with marble or dark stone, a chandelier can turn your bathroom into an in-home spa.

Lighted Mirrors

Mirrors with integrated lighting can give your bathroom a futuristic spa-like style. While turned off, the lights can’t be seen behind the mirror surface. Turn them on, and you’ll have the perfect lighting for your morning routine.

Complete Bathroom Remodeling from Alure

Are you ready to create the modern bathroom you’ve always dreamed of? Alure is a complete home remodeling service. We can do a complete bathroom remodel in as little as five days so you can enjoy your new space as soon as possible. Contact Alure Home Solutions today for a free design consultation.

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