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Ideas For Lowering Your Bathroom Remodel Costs

Affordable Bathroom Remodels to Match Your Budget

If you’re thinking of renovating or building a new bathroom, look no further than Alure Home Improvement. For decades, New York and Long Island homeowners have relied on Alure for affordable bathroom remodeling projects. As general contractors with years of experience, we offer stunning, budget-friendly bathroom designs that meet building codes. 

Bathroom Remodel Costs At A Glance

Bathroom Remodeling Jobs that have Long Term BenefitsA bathroom renovation can cost anywhere between $3,000 to $30,000 depending on the size of your bathroom, materials, and amount of work needed. The overall cost of a bathroom makeover also depends on whether you’re renovating a stand-alone primary bathroom, one with a powder room, or even a guest bathroom. The price range of a full bathroom differs from a half-bath remodel or a small bathroom remodel. 

Additional costs of renovations may include the installation of new drywall, plumbing, electrical work, or even choosing more expensive tiles over ceramic tiles. All these factors impact average bathroom renovation costs.

Master Bathroom Remodel Cost

The average cost of a primary bathroom can reach up to and above $30,000, depending on several factors. These include:

  •     Cost of features–The average cost of features like cabinetry, bathroom vanity, faucets, showerheads, countertops, and light fixtures impact the overall cost. The manufacturer, style, and materials affect the total cost of your bathroom remodel. Opting for non-name brands is one way to cut costs.
  •     Additional Plumbing or electrical work–The average bathroom remodel cost is also impacted by plumbing and electrical work, especially if you’re introducing new features or expanding your bathroom. There may be a need to hire an electrician and plumber for expansions and total overhauls. This could increase labor costs, increasing the total cost of a bathroom remodel. 
  •     Accessibility feature–Adding features like grab bars, walk-in tubs, in-bath seating, and other accessibility features impacts the total project cost. 
  •     Square footage–The national average for remodeling a bathroom is around $70 to $250 per square foot. The cost per square foot varies by Installation costs and material costs for things like bathroom floor tile, shower doors, a new toilet, and other fixtures.

At Alure Home Improvement, our experienced design team will give you options for reducing costs without compromising on quality or personal style.

Guest Bathroom Remodel Cost

The average cost to remodel bathrooms, including guest bathrooms, typically depends on the 

bathroom floor plan. Smaller, straightforward floor plans are usually cheaper to renovate. The average cost for a guest bathroom remodel can be between $13,000 and $20,000 on the higher end. The amount could be less or more depending on a few things. These include:

  •     Features Upgrade–Installing new lighting, a double vanity, a medicine cabinet, a walk-in shower, or a large bathtub are some options that contribute to the overall cost of your guest bathroom. 
  •     High-end material–Opting for non-name brands for your guest room may be a money-saving option. Save the high-end brand names for your primary bedroom. Mid-range options for bathtubs, showers, flooring, and bathroom tiles can keep your renovations within your preferred cost range. 

Alure offers numerous options for half-bath and full-bath guestrooms. Whatever your dream guest room is, we can make it come to life. Our design team is on hand to help you through the process of picking a design and installation. Call us now to get started on renovating your guest bathroom. 

Powder Room Remodel

A powder room is typically a half-bath, housing just a sink and toilet. It serves as a guest bathroom in most cases. The cost of your new bathroom could be between $3,500 and $11,000 or more, depending on upgrade or remodel options. The powder room is an opportunity to showcase functionality, style, and design aesthetic.

Floating sinks, cabinets doubling as storage, focused lighting, and beautiful art can create a tasteful space for a guest bathroom. Soft tones, hues, and color palettes are great for powder rooms. Brightly-colored walls can be tempered with muted flooring. Lighting is crucial in powder rooms. Light bulbs with a soft daylight glow enhance the clean and inviting feel of the bathroom. 

 Alure’s design team can help you create a cozy, elegant, and inviting powder room for your guests. 

Our experienced interior design team will work with you to ensure you get the bathroom you want at an affordable cost. With our help, your home renovation can greatly increase the return on investment of your home. Well-apportioned bathrooms are known to enhance the resale value of a home. Whether you’re thinking of upgrading a full bath, installing features such as new tiles, or a new vanity. Contact us now for a free consultation to get started on your home improvement project. You can get a new bathroom in as little as a day or five days based your needs.

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