Bathroom design trends that are here to stay

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So, you’ve decided it’s time to remodel your bathroom? This is an excellent opportunity to modernize the room and upgrade your appliances, but before you start picking out tile and buying new bath rugs take a look at some of the biggest bathroom design trends of 2015. According to Forbes, these design features are expected to dominate bathroom style for many years to come.

“Custom vanities allow you to choose how much storage and counter space you have.”

Custom vanities
Mass-produced vanities are becoming a thing of the past. People prefer custom vanities that will better suit their lifestyle, needs and personality. Customizing your vanity also means you can choose how much storage and counter space you have. You are also not limited in color or configuration.

Standalone bathtubs
For a bathtub that is almost like a sculpture, a standalone tub becomes a piece of art in your bathroom. These freestanding bathtubs are more aesthetically pleasing than their built-in counterparts. You can choose from a variety of materials like porcelain, tile or metal. When you choose a freestanding tub, you are making a statement.  It will definitely bring the bathroom tremendous wow factor.

Feature floor tiles
This design feature gained recognition in 2014, and their popularity was cemented this year. Floor tiles with vibrant colors or stunning patterns are a fun way to incorporate your personality in a bathroom remodel. Feature floor tiles can even make rooms without much wall space larger, as they draw attention downward.

The gorgeous standalone tub in this bathroom add style and makes a statement.
The gorgeous standalone tub in this bathroom add style and makes a statement.

Enhanced water controls
Have you ever wished your shower water could be the perfect temperature before you step in? With new enhanced water controls, this dream can become a reality. A thermostatic mixer allows you to preprogram your shower so that it’s either nice and warm or refreshingly cool the moment you step in. This device also makes it possible for two people to control their own water pressure and temperature in the same double shower.

If you’re preparing for a bathroom remodel, you should consider the current design trends. Weigh your options and consult with an expert to ensure that these design features will remain relevant and attractive for years to come. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to embrace change and experiment with new styles.

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