4 Important Components to Consider when Remodeling Your Bathroom

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What could you do to turn your bathroom into your dream bathroom?

This is a popular question these days among homeowners considering home improvement efforts. What’s amazing is that the smallest room in the house very well could require the most thought.

Gina Bonura is a Custom Kitchen and Bath Designer here at Alure Home Improvements.  She was recently quoted in an article about bathroom remodeling in Long Island House & Home Magazine sharing some of her experience with clients. Here are some keys to think about when considering components for your bathroom remodel.

Universal Design

Designing a bathroom that is accessible as well as useful for anyone regardless of age, size or physical limitations is key to creating a comfortable space. It can also play a role in limiting the potential for accidents in a room that can be the site of injuries due to slipping or cramped conditions.

Fixtures are In

It seems that there are designer styles for just about any fixture in a bathroom. The choices are endless and can become a huge undertaking. “Most recently, I have been getting requests for bidets, or bidet toilet seats where space is limited. This is something I have not seen much in the past nine years.” according to Gina.

Tubs vs. Showers

Another big consideration is whether you will have a tub or shower. Perhaps you have room for both? Gina has noticed that many are looking for bubble jet tubs as opposed to whirlpool. “The bubble jets provide more of a relaxing experience where you can use bath oils and other products to add an element of aroma therapy.” The bathroom is becoming a space where comfort and relaxation is being given more consideration.

When looking to create that retreat within the home, many are looking for shower heads that can provide the desired experience . Simple design and low maintenance are also things to be considered as well.

Vanities are a Focal Point

Choosing a vanity that will be pleasing to the eye is a major choice to make as it will more than likely be the focal point of the room and the first thing people notice. It also must fit the space appropriately. Replacing your vanity can be the quickest way to spice up the look of your bathroom.

Options are endless when remodeling a bathroom.

What are some of the features you would like to see in your dream bathroom?



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