5 Important Things To Keep In Mind When Designing A Home Bar

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With a home bar, you may not need to walk down the street for celebrations and fear ordering more. It is an exclusive home spot where you can call your friends and acquaintances and treat them to fancy cordials while respecting the drinking limit. However, many factors come into play to make your home bar design appealing. Here are five things to remember while creating an inviting home bar for your social guests.

1.  Decide bar location.

Identifying the right spot for your home-bar is a mind teaser. Profound choices such as dry vs. wet bar, basement or attic, spare corner, or balcony will help you plan and shortlist the home bar to your taste. If you are a private soul, you can think of putting a bar as your bedroom extension. If you like to drink limited glasses of Evan Williams single barrel a week, your balcony with a view could be your favorite spot.

A wet bar requires a provision for plumbing and faucets. Keep this in mind before talking to a design architect. Your home bar space measurements will help you decide on the bar furniture, floor layout, and design elements for the bar.

2.  Think bar lighting and enhancements.

Each room of your house has independent lighting needs. Lighting sets the mood of rooms and exteriors. Your living room pendant lights scatter light to liven up space. However, bar lights radiating soft and dim light are more appealing to the senses.

Choose pendant lights to dress up bar corners and pick recessed lights for compact spaces. Wall brackets are a classy lighting choice for wall-mounted units. Consider incandescent bulbs to add more drama and charm to your home bar. Layered lighting illuminates the bar no less. Pay special attention to the spotlight and diffused light for your home bar. Dark colors with dim lights emphasize the setting. Experiment with lighter colors if you plan to use the bar area for family breakfast.

3.  Work on bar display materials and décor.

One of the focal points in a home bar is the overall presentation of drinks and liqueurs. The bar theme enhances the design appeal. A metallic finish imparts a sleek appearance to the bar, whereas a wooden vibe brings a rustic charm. Marble, granite, and tiles are different style influences for your home bar.

Embrace glass and stainless steel for overall bar interiors and granite for damage prevention in bar counters. Hardwood is a good material substitute in bar construction. Stress on materials that do not stain easily and can resist maltreatment of any kind. Maintain uniformity and vivacity in design and materials. Avoid adding any strangeness in the bar space as it will put off the host and the guests. Work to get all-season style and durability in your bar area at home.

4.  Get creative with bar seating.

The seating arrangement is the most attention-drawing prerequisite of a home bar where you can go creative. Bar stools come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and contribute to the overall bar architecture.

Depending on the size of your home bar, you can shop for basic to fashionable stools. A bar stool may have a back and yet look tempting without one. Bar seating is getting trendy and quirky. Pick bar stools that go with your home bar color theme. Contrasting colors look inviting and set the mood for cocktails.

5.  Pay attention to the bar storage area.

You may love to stock premium bottles of whisky or wine in your home bar but think of the bar space limitations. Many items of a home bar such as liquor bottles, glassware, blender, ice maker need suitable storage and placement within the bar. 

Use design-relevant storage shelves and explore glazed vs. polished showcases. A home bar stocks wine bottles, no crockery or cutlery. Arrange bar bottles and accessories in a way that complements the bar to satisfaction.

Final Thoughts

Talk to your drinking friends and partners to get an inside feel of the type of home bar that will blend well with your home aesthetics. Consider premium material for countertops like granite, Italian marble, or a solid surface to give your home bar a tasteful look. Make sure that your home bar seating is not only stylish but comfortable as well. Check out bar design concepts, back wall designs, wall artwork, music, and stereo system for the right finishing touches.


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