The Perfect Exterior Renovation Projects to Tackle in the New Year

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The New Year is a great time to reevaluate the residence and identify areas for improvement. Whether features are in need of fast repair or could simply use a style refresh, setting specific targets for home improvements can help homeowners make noticeable, practical, and enjoyable upgrades in their living environment.

Surveying the entire property can lead to a lengthy list of maintenance needs and style upgrades, so it’s best to hone in on one area at a time. Dividing the home into zones — such as interior, exterior, and landscaping — can help New Year renovation projects feel much more manageable.

There can be a lot of areas to address on a home’s exterior, and prioritizing exterior renovation projects can help homeowners make valuable improvements with real impact. Take a look at these four exterior renovation projects that are perfect for kicking off the New Year.

Upgrade the Roof

Roofing materials are constantly improving, and the products that are available today are much more resilient and long-lasting than their predecessors. These advancements have also led to a larger selection of products for homeowners to choose from. Instead of settling on a one-size-fits-all asphalt approach, many homeowners are exploring unique options, like metal shake shingles and solar panel roofing. Upgraded roofing options like these can be a great way to give the home an instant boost in terms of durability and protection from the elements.

Energy Efficient Windows

Weather challenges aren’t isolated to the roof, either. In addition, windows can play a big role in the home’s energy efficiency, and older window models often fall short of delivering a reliable seal that can help with indoor climate control. Drafts and moisture leaks can be catastrophic for maintaining a comfortable temperature indoors, so upgrading a home’s windows can be a game-changer at the start of the year — both for comfort and the energy bill! Investing in brand new, energy-efficient windows is certainly ideal, but homeowners can also look into how to winterize windows, as there are many quick and easy ways to improve energy efficiency without total window replacement.

Puddle-Proof the Driveway

Looking forward to the future is the main component of planning meaningful New Year’s goals and projects that can be enjoyed down the line. With springtime showers on the horizon, the beginning of the year can be a perfect time to puddle-proof the home’s exterior, starting with the driveway. Puddles can be a pain — obstructing pathways, making the lawn muddy, attracting mosquitos, and even compromising a home’s structural foundation. Having a permeable driveway solution, like a gravel driveway or intentional drainage areas for water runoff, can put homeowners one step ahead of rainy weather and prove to be a game-changer when downpours hit.

Refresh Exterior Trim

Finally, refreshing the home’s exterior trim can be an easy way to get instant impact on curb appeal from New Year’s renovation plans. Coordinating colors on the home’s trim, shutters, awnings, and entryways can provide the high-level look that makes a home appear polished and professionally designed. When changing colors, be sure to use a high-quality paint stripper prior to painting to ensure that all surfaces will have the same exact shade once finished. But a radical color change isn’t always necessary to get an upgraded look. Sometimes just a fresh coat of the same color can do wonders!


These exterior renovation projects are all perfect tasks for tackling at the start of the New Year, as they can help homeowners prepare for spring and summer weather and enhance the outdoor ambiance of the home.


About The Author: Matt Lee is the owner of the Innovative Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. He is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value.
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