8 Curb Appeal Tips for Your Lawn & Home

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You’ve probably seen homes that have weed-filled lawns, overgrown shrubs and plants, peeling paint, cluttered yards, or dirty lighting fixtures. These things can be signs of neglect, and if you notice them on someone’s property, you may view the home as less attractive or valuable than it should be. 

Curb appeal is the attractiveness of your home and yard when viewed from the curb. It relates to the first things people see when they come to your home, such as your front entrance, flower beds, driveway, trim, garage door, lighting, and lawn. Neglecting even one of these things can negatively affect your home’s appearance.             

If you plan to sell your home, curb appeal is incredibly important since it can affect the value of your home and how long it sits on the market. According to the National Association of Realtors’ (NAR) 2018 Remodeling Impact Report, 94% of real estate professionals claim they have suggested that their sellers improve the curb appeal of their homes before listing them for sale. Even if your home is immaculate and gorgeous inside, buyers could be turned off by a neglected façade or lackluster presence. 

Below are eight tips to help you improve the curb appeal of your home and lawn. 

1.     Tend to your lawn.

If your lawn isn’t lush and green or if weeds have moved in, it’s time to up your lawn care game. If your lawn has bare spots, fill them in with grass seed, or lay new sod if necessary. Fertilize your lawn to provide it with the nutrients it needs to grow strong and beautiful, and use herbicide to eliminate weeds. Make sure you’re watering your lawn enough. Most lawns require 1” to 1.5” inches of water per week, but this can vary according to the type of grass you have and the amount of rain or sun that it receives. 

2.     Clean up your landscaping.

Improve your home’s landscaping by pruning your shrubs and other plants to encourage growth and trimming your trees to remove dead branches and make sure enough light reaches your lawn. Weed your flowerbeds, add mulch, and plant new plants and flowers to add texture and color to your landscaping.   

3.     Get rid of clutter.

Removing clutter is a quick way to make an immediate impact on your home’s curb appeal. Put away any children’s toys or gardening tools that are visible, and repair or throw out any damaged or worn outdoor furniture, broken planters, or old yard ornaments that aren’t improving the look of your property. 

4.     Spruce up your front entrance.

Your front entrance is visible to anyone visiting your home, so it should look great. Check for areas that have rotted and need to be repaired, and paint or re-stain your front door. Don’t forget to paint the trim while you’re at it. Freshly painted trim can immediately give the appearance of your home a boost. 

5.     Update your light fixtures.

Outdated, broken, or dirty light fixtures can ruin an otherwise beautiful façade. If you like your existing porch lights and landscape lights, you should give them a good cleaning, but if they are outdated or broken, replace them. Just be sure to choose something that goes well with your home’s style and architecture. 

6.     Repair or replace what’s broken.

Having a home that is in disrepair can reduce its curb appeal and make it appear neglected. Repair or replace any damaged siding, eaves, or fences, and if your roof isn’t in good shape, replace it. These repairs can greatly improve your home’s curb appeal. 

7.     Clean the driveway and other surfaces.

It’s important not to overlook your driveway, siding, exterior walls, and windows. Give them all a good cleaning, and consider pressure washing your driveway and sidewalks if they don’t look their best. 

8.     Update your mailbox.

If you have a gorgeous home but a mailbox that is dented or bent over or looks dirty, weathered, or outdated, it’s probably time to update or replace it. If it’s structurally sound, a fresh coat of paint and some new address numbers can go a long way toward improving the look of your mailbox. 

Whether you plan to sell your home or remain in it for many years, you should take steps to improve its curb appeal. You’ve worked hard for your home, and you should enjoy spending time there – both indoors and outdoors. With a little effort, some money, and some elbow grease, the front of your home can look just as great as the rest of it does.

About The Author: Kym Preslar is a bit of a gardening and home improvement fanatic. She’s been working on her garden for over 5 years and loves writing about everything landscape-related. Whether it’s keeping care of sod or the greenhouse, she’s been there and done it all. Currently, she’s enjoying her time working at SodLawn as their Content Manager.
Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay

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