5 Things You Should Know About Farmhouse Ceiling Fans

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Do you want to make your home more beautiful and functional? Of course, you do! It makes sense, especially going into the summer season where you want your home to have nice, clean airflow and to keep yourself cool without running your energy budget through the roof. Ceiling fans are a fantastic way to reduce energy consumption and air conditioner costs significantly throughout the summertime. They can also be useful in the winter to help move air around depending on the direction in which the fan is spinning. Of course, ceiling fans can also add to the décor of your home. Several different styles and designs available on the market today, maybe daunting to find the fan that’s right for you. We recommend farmhouse ceiling fans, as they are a nice mix of common fan styles with plenty of accessories and options. Here’s a quick look at five things you need to know about farmhouse ceiling fans.

They’re Not Just for Farms

Buying a new ceiling fan can be a surprisingly nuanced process. With so many types and styles available, one may feel overwhelmed by the experience. It doesn’t have to be that way. Most folks probably don’t know the difference between a rustic, transitional, or modern ceiling fan off the top of their heads. But they are all quite distinct from one another. Whereas modern fans feature some metal construction, minimalist design, and sleek finishes, rustic fans are primarily constructed of wood and a little bit simpler in their overall design. Transitional fans tend to tie a room together or aesthetically ease the transition from room to room. Farmhouse fans fall more into the rustic category, but with some modern design elements thrown into the mix. While the name may invoke the image of an old fan lazily whirling about inside a farmhouse living room, the designation of this ceiling fan style as “farmhouse” is a bit of a misnomer. Farmhouse ceiling fans are quite trendy, with ample options for sleek designs and sturdy wooden blades.

They Enhance the Look of Your Home

Farmhouse fans provide a quaint charm, similar to the classic image of an old farmhouse on a quiet afternoon. Farmhouse fans feature solid wood construction for the blades that enhance the look. These fans don’t look like something cheap one would find at a department store – they look sleek and elegant, ideal for decorating one’s home. Fans can feature various designs including an intentionally weathered look to provide a bit more rustic charm. Other elements of the farmhouse fans design provide a combination of town and country accents to provide the feel of a nice, cozy little space.

Optimized Blade Angle and Pitch

Why are the blade angle and pitch so important? It’s merely the angle at which the fan’s blades are set. It affects the airflow and cooling factor of the ceiling fan. A good farmhouse ceiling fan should be pitched to around 12 degrees (but not more than 16) or so for optimal cooling. Higher angles require more power from the motor to function properly. Blade size also determines CFM – cubic feet per minute – a measurement that drastically affects the airflow generated by the blades. By optimizing the blade angle and using high-quality woods like teak or  cherry, farmhouse ceiling fans have plenty to offer in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Plenty of Lighting and Additional Options

When it comes to a wide array of options and additional accessories, farmhouse fans don’t disappoint. Ultimately, it depends on what you’re actually looking for in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Here’s a quick breakdown of the different accessories/lighting options available for most ceiling fans:

Lights – lights come in all sorts of exciting shapes and sizes when it comes to ceiling fans. There are standard lights and chandelier style lighting, among others. One more popular option nowadays is LED style dimmable lighting.

Remote control – using a remote control is one of the most convenient methods of controlling a ceiling fan. That’s why it’s such a popular accessory. Remote control works with radio frequencies to enable controlling speed and lighting for the fan.

Smart controls – as smartphone technology advances, it makes sense to implement it into various everyday technologies we use. Smart technology enables you to use a cell phone or home controlling device like Alexa/Google Home to control your fan. You can either buy a fan with this technology already implemented, upgrading existing fan with a kit, or replace your wall switch with a smart one.

Pull chains – these unassuming chains are a standard accessory for most ceiling fans. Unobtrusive, sleek, and easy to use, the pull chain is a classic accessory (especially on rustic and farmhouse ceiling fans).

Wall switches – these are another classic control method. Wall switches typically have different settings to control the Phantom and/or mountains, as one would expect, on the wall.

Maximum Comfort

At the end of the day, nothing is more critical than crafting a comfortable living space. The addition of a farmhouse ceiling fan to your home is a tremendous boon to comfort in any room. Farmhouse fans can be installed in small, midsize, and larger rooms in your home. They can also be installed outside, as many farmhouse fans can be weather rated (dry, damp, or wet) for various outdoor functions. Higher ceilings aren’t a problem either, because you can use a downrod to mount your fan in a room higher than eight feet. Modern, technology driven controls and lighting provide convenience, while the fan’s energy-efficient motor, blade sweep, and high CFM provide as much comfort as possible for your room. Farmhouse fans are versatile, functional, and elegant, making them the perfect option for your next ceiling fan upgrade.

About The Author: Written By Clayton R.
Photo by alvin matthews on Unsplash

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