13 Neglected Areas In The Home That Need a Deep Clean

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Cleaning in whatever form can be a hassle and only a few can say they enjoy doing cleaning chores. Even if you are a perfectionist, there are certain unexpected places where hidden dust and dirt can build up.

These places are so easy to neglect that they have a high potential to attract germs and collect filth. The best way to boast a sparkling clean home is by keeping a regular cleaning routine as some tasks such as cleaning the fridge, the range hood, the washing machine get bypassed and neglected easily.

This post has named 13 such neglected places that need a deep clean. So put your cleaning kit together, put on your cleaning rubber gloves and start investigating these areas right away.

  • Fridge: In most homes, the refrigerator is one appliance that works the hardest. It is left on all day, each day, keeping food cold and preventing the perishables from getting spoilt quickly. Some of these perishables stay for too long and start to produce a smell in the absence of power. The fridge is also prone to food spillage on its shelves, which can quickly go unnoticed, dry up and start smelling. To ensure that your fridge continues working efficiently, it is essential that you give it a deep clean at least every three months.
  • Range Hood: The range hood of the stove collects the grease and fumes from your cooking, and so you cannot even begin to imagine the amount of grime that it accumulates. According to Verner Ellen of Verellen Home Comfort, keeping the filter of the range hood clean is necessary. When investing in range hoods, Verner suggests buying these types of range hoods as they are easier to clean. Not only does it ensure that the range hood works better, it also improves the efficiency of its power.

The perfectionists will stick to cleaning the range hood filter, but realistically, it should be deep cleaned every three months at least.

  • Dust Bunnies: There are areas where the broom or vacuum cleaner can’t get to and so dust builds up there very quickly. Areas such as behind the fridge, TV units, under beds, in between couches, etc. can collect dust alarmingly fast which can irritate allergies and decrease efficiency.
  • Oven: Cleaning the oven is one of the least favorite chores, and it should be done every three months at least. You can clean with a solution of ingredients that make the task of removing all the grease and grime far easier.
  • Upholstery: Between all the daily and weekly cleaning tasks you are constantly faced with, the couch can get very dirty over time without you even realizing it and that’s why it’s ideal to give the upholstery a deep clean to remove all stains and keep it smelling fresh.
  • Washing Machine: Yes, it’s ironical that the place meant to clean clothes, can get dirty without you even realizing it. At times, your clothes do not come out with that fresh scent even after running it through the wash. This means it’s high time you cleaned your washing machine. While different machines vary, you can do the needed cleaning with a cycle. Just mix baking soda with white vinegar and then pour into the washer and then run a hot cycle.
    Neglected Areas In The Home That Need a Deep Clean
  • Curtains: In the process of cleaning neglected areas, do not forget your curtains. Dust, pollen, dirt, mold and more irritants can build up into your curtains easily. And most times, it’s very easy to forget about washing these curtains. Though some curtains are dryable, machine-washable materials, some require specific cleaning instructions so make sure to check the label before you start this task.
  • Under Appliances: As easy as it is to do so, you can’t avoid cleaning under the stove or behind the fridge forever. Small spaces under the different appliances can collect loads of dust, grime, dirt and even food particles. Pull your refrigerator out of its position, coil clean with a coil cleaning brush and vacuum, wipe down the fridge walls, floor, and sides with soap and a damp rag. You should repeat this same process for other of your appliances.
  • Trash cans: Even though you take out the trash often, bad odors or smells still stick to the can and this smell can become unbearable. Hence, the importance of thoroughly scrubbing the can, rinsing with water and spraying with disinfectant.
  • Ceiling Fans: When the ceiling fan isn’t in operation, the blades are prone to thick layers of dust. The same applies even with standing fans, and that’s why some asthmatic patients find both very difficult to use because once they come back into operation, they blow both air and dust. For ceiling fans, the easiest way to clean is to lay a pillowcase over the blades and wipe the dust off inside the pillowcase. Repeat this process for every blade and the ceiling fan will be ready to work dust-free. For standing fans, you can remove the outside layer so that you can get to the blades and clean properly.
  • Outdoor Patio: Get your outdoor patio ready for summer and spring by deep cleaning it. Put all the furniture out on the grass and hose it down, mix dish detergent into a bucket of water and give them a good scrub with a cleaning brush, removing caked on dirt. After which you can wipe flat surfaces with a cloth, rinse off and dry them out in the sun.
  • Toothbrush Holder: While carrying out the weekly bathroom cleaning, it might be easy to forget about the toothbrush holder but this should not to be so as it’s a hot hub for germs. So, wipe it out or rinse it very often with soap and a damp cloth.
  • Dishwasher: Unfortunately, even the dishwasher isn’t spared from dirt and grime. And so, now and then, it’s essential you schedule a deep cleaning for the dishwasher. Do this by running a cup filled with white vinegar on a hot cycle on the top rack to clear clogged debris of food, soap scum, and hard-water deposits.

No matter how clean you are, it’s very easy to forget to clean the above-listed neglected areas at home. Therefore, with this article, we hope it had helped you with your home cleaning activities. Hurray to a sparkling clean home!

About The Author: Elle Lori is author and editor in Verellenhc, specializing in home kitchen, cooking and gymnastics. When not working, she spends time with his family and friends.
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