5 Essential Kitchen Accessories And Gadgets

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5 Essential Kitchen Accessories And Gadgets

New innovations constantly make every part of daily life easier and more fun, and this definitely applies to the kitchen. From food processors to faux coffee machines, there are lots of cool tools that can make cooking more enjoyable.

This is especially relevant in Long Island; statistics from the National Home Builders Association reveal that today’s Long Island homes are bigger and have more amenities and accessories than ever.

If you want to upgrade your kitchen, here are five essential kitchen accessories and gadgets.

Smoke Silencer

One of the most frustrating things about cooking is accidentally setting the fire alarm off, but this can be avoided with a smoke silencer. Simply attach the silencer to the smoke alarm, and next time the alarm goes off press the button on the silencer to immediately switch the alarm off. The silencer also comes with a handy timer.


Most people don’t think of the thermometer as a kitchen gadget, but lots of thermometers are designed for kitchen use. This is especially useful for people who bake or deep fry food regularly.

Faux French Press Coffee

Minimalism is one of the biggest interior trends at the moment, and if you want you can embrace the trend with a faux French Press coffee machine. All you need is two glass jars and a fine metal strainer, which is certainly more visually appealing than a coffee machine. It is also more environmentally friendly as you don’t use any plastic. This is a great alternative to an expensive coffee machine.

5 Essential Kitchen Accessories And Gadgets

Microplane Zester

The microplane zester is the perfect kitchen zester, and it can be used on anything from citrus fruits to chocolate to spices.

Instant Pot

Lots of people struggle to eat healthily because they are too busy. If you can relate to this you should invest in an instant pot. All you need to do is throw the ingredients inside the pot and leave them for a few hours for a delicious, healthy meal with minimal effort. You can also buy instant pots that cook food faster than crock pots, so they are also ideal for people who don’t have time to wait around.

There are lots of essential kitchen tools that can make using the kitchen a more enjoyable experience. Whether you are wanting to go back to basics with a faux French Press coffee machine or you want to improve your baking with a thermometer, there is a useful tool to suit every need.


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