10 Types of Fine Art Pieces Curators Recommend

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Are you looking to elevate your style and add personality to your home? Do you want a sophisticated way to boost your décor with tons of unique character? A great piece of fine art that curators recommend can make a statement and even change the mood of your space. 

From abstract paintings to classic sculptures, there are many options to choose from. Portrait pieces and monochromatic paintings allow an artist to tell a unique story with every creation. Unexpected sculptures and playful pop art allow you to express your personality. 

No matter what your style, there is a perfect piece out there for you. You can make an impact and alter the feel of your space. Your artwork will take your home’s style to a whole new level.

1. Unexpected Statement Pieces

One of the most impactful ways to make a statement in your home is by installing an unexpected piece of art. These playful works can add so much personality to your décor. The outside the box take on traditional artwork makes a truly unique statement. 

Wall-mounted sculptures are an unconventional look that adds dimension and an element of surprise to your décor. Bright, whimsical shapes can cheer up a blank wall. Installing a set of sculptures in a crawling formation draws the eye up and adds a ton of interest to your space. 

One of the most innovative ways to create wall-mounted pieces is with paper and other lightweight 3D shapes. Many artists arrange these in an interesting formation and protect the fragile compilation under acrylic. This type of piece has the potential to elevate your style with its unique take on wall-hung artwork.

2. Oversized Bold Artwork

Do you have a large wall that’s seemingly impossible to fill? Large format pieces can reinvent your whole space. By filling large, stark walls they can make a huge impact and statement. 

A bold, oversized painting can become a perfect focal point for your room. When you find a piece you love, you can even base your decor around it. Pulling colors and shapes from the piece for the rest of the room can create a stunning, cohesive look. 

Oversized pieces don’t have to be just one large canvas. Think outside the box and look at items like tapestries and scrolls. You can even use a set of paintings together to achieve the same bold statement. 

3. Monochromatic Paintings

Color is one of the most important elements of style and decor. It also has a significant impact on the feel and mood of a space. Monochromatic paintings have the ability to completely transform a room. 

These pieces, using different shades of the same hue, bring a sophisticated vibe to a space. Using shapes and lines to create monochromatic paintings produces a beautiful effect. Plus, you can find a work in a color that’s perfect for your space. 

The colors in your decor can drastically affect the moods in your rooms. Consider a scarlet-hued monochromatic piece for your dining room to stimulate the appetites of your dinner party guests. That soothing blue piece can create a calming vibe in your bedroom. Promote a welcoming and cheery feeling in your sitting room with sunny shades of yellow and orange.

4. Classic Sculptures

Few things are more impressive than a classic sculpture. Influenced by some of the oldest art forms, these sculptures bring elegance to your home. Their dimension also instantly adds interest. 

Often based on physical forms like animals or humans, these sculptures are complex and impressive. Placing one on your entryway table or a podium in the hall creates a conversation piece. A classic sculpture also adds an extra touch of refinement to your decor.

5. Portrait Paintings

Paintings of people can convey a huge range of moods. From moody to cheerful, they can add a whole new vibe to your space. They can also communicate the importance of a significant person. 

You may choose to purchase a portrait of an unknown person simply because of its visual appeal. Displaying a portrait painting of a notable figure is also a great way to pay homage to them. You might even opt for a more abstract piece inspired by the lines and shapes of the human form but with unrecognizable features. Either way, your artwork will tell a beautiful story.

6. Minimalist Pieces

Looking to add a piece that will blend well into your industrial decor? Minimalist pieces use clean lines, defined shapes, and simple color schemes. This sleek artwork is perfect for making a sophisticated statement.

Minimalism focus on only adding what’s necessary to the piece of art. This creates a stunning impact and can add polish to your decor. A great minimalist painting will be an innovative and unique addition to any room.

7. Soothing Landscapes

One of the oldest forms of art is the painted landscape. Over the years, artists have evolved this genre and created their own twists. Now, landscapes can be found in nearly every style. 

By interpreting the outdoors in their own way, artists create unique landscapes that are innovative and unexpected. Using different techniques, they produce everything from bold, abstract skylines to soothing seascapes. No matter what your taste or preferences, there’s a perfect landscape painting for your home.

8. High-Energy Pop Culture

One of the most fun pieces of artwork you can purchase is a great pop culture piece. Artwork that is telling the story of the current times will give you a snapshot of history. Plus, many of these pieces can add a ton of interest and cheer to your décor. 

Pop art pieces have become iconic classics over the years. Often depicting once current trends and popular celebrities, they become like visual time capsules. Owning a piece gives you a unique opportunity to have a piece of pop culture history hanging in your home. 

9. Stunning Photography

Photographs are also an amazing way to share an artist’s message. By choosing to photograph in the method that they did, they are telling a story. The images captured have the potential to make a significant statement and add character to your décor. 

There is a piece of photographic art to fit every style and taste. You can choose a soothing outdoor scene to add a touch of nature to your décor. Black and white photos of industrial spaces can create a moody vibe. Whatever your design aesthetic, photography can add stunning artistic elements. 

10. Abstract Paintings

Abstract paintings are varied and perhaps the most open for interpretation. The artist uses their unique style to produce their own message. The result is a beautiful composition of lines, shapes, and colors.

You can opt for a dark, melancholy piece with deep colors and smooth lines. Cheery pieces with lots of movement and bright hues add color to your space. Either way, your abstract painting will make a dramatic statement and allow for thoughtful interpretation


From bright and cheery to dark and moody, fine art pieces can set an intended tone. They convey the message of the artist and express your individual style and personality. Adding them to your home is a unique way to tell your story. 

Which of these fine art pieces appeal most to you? Will you stick with one style or mix it up and create a diverse collection? Either way, your fine art pieces will fill your home with sophistication and culture.

About The Author: Gabe Nelson is a content specialist of over 7 years of experience, currently working with 2localgals.com. Just out of high school he set off crab fishing on the Bering sea in Alaska. From there he went back home to finish his college degree at the University of Montana. He has a passion and keen understanding when it comes to house cleaning inside and out. He has written hundreds of content pieces in numerous niches. Currently, he lives in Missouri with his wife and kids enjoying the peaceful town of St. Joseph.
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