6 upgrades to boost your home’s value

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Whether you’re planning on selling your house in a few weeks or a few years, there are certain improvements that you can make to your house that will have a bigger impact than others. For example, installing a pool, built-in bookcases or specialty gadgets around the house may be expensive and enhance your experience with the home, but the projects won’t necessarily put value back into the property for others. 

Instead, there are certain upgrades that you can make to your house that will make it a better place for you to live and attract the offers you want from potential buyers. Check out these areas for improved home value. 

1. A large renovated kitchen
From cooking and baking to hosting and eating, a kitchen can serve dozens of purposes for any family. This is why the amount of space a kitchen has is one of the chief concerns people have when they’re looking for a new home. You can give people what they want with a kitchen renovation that adds a greater amount of counter space, storage space, floor space or all three. 

Create a spacious, quality kitchen.
Make your home more attractive with a spacious, quality kitchen.

Talk to your kitchen designer about which upgrades will give you the most return on investment and enjoyment at the same time. New appliances, quality cabinets, stone countertops and a strong but understated design are typically smart decisions. They can enhance your home but let potential buyers see themselves in the space too. 

Real estate experts agree that a quality kitchen is one of the most attractive and important aspects in selling a home, and it typically gives the homeowner a good return on the initial investment in the space. 

“Talk to a design expert about where you can add the most value.”

2. A brand new bathroom
The room that may bring the most attention from prospective buyers outside of the kitchen is the bathroom. If your home has an outdated bathroom in need of repair, it may hurt the value of your property because all prospective buyers will see is the cost of repairs. Instead, dazzle them with a new space. 

Consider a complete renovation, adding the very-popular walk-in shower and new tile or surfaces. For a quicker project, think about keeping the footprint of your space to give the bathroom a face-lift and boost its value, without the added expense of knocking down walls or changing plumbing.

If your home only has one bathroom, the best way to increase your home’s value is to add another bathroom. Talk to a bathroom design expert about where you can add the most value to your home’s bathrooms. 

A new bathroom can help boost your home's value.
A new bathroom can help boost your home’s value.

3. Good roof and drainage 
Few prospective buyers want a fixer-upper, and even fewer want to pay a premium for one. To get the best price imaginable for your home, you should ensure that your house is protected from any potential water damage. Have your roof, gutters and any other drainage systems cleaned and repairs made where needed. Discuss protection from ice dams and other flooding that may cause water damage with an exterior design expert. He or she can help make any improvements or repairs to ensure maximum home value. 

4. Extra space (indoors or out) 
A little extra space can go a long way. Adding more square footage to your home is a sure-fire way to boost your home’s value and increase its curb appeal. For some homeowners it makes the most sense to add an extension to the house for another bedroom or a sunroom for more family space, while for others, the best way to improve the value of the property is to install a deck or porch, improving the versatility of the yard. Also, without any new construction, you can still increase your usable square footage by finishing the basement.

“Add space to your home with a deck, sunroom or finished basement.”

5. New siding 
Just like with the roof, buyers place value in a lack of necessary work or repairs. Another key to protecting your home is its siding. Consider replacing your siding with new options that can both improve the look of your house and protect it from water damage.  

Certain siding options can even boost your home’s insulation abilities, helping save on energy costs. Vinyl is one of the most popular siding options because it looks great, it’s easy to clean and is resistant to fading – all selling points for a new buyer.

6. Fresh paint, cleaning and minor repairs
When it’s almost time to sell your new home, painting your walls and cleaning both the interior and exterior of your home can go a long way. Don’t forget about small repairs and maintenance to your home. Hiring a handyman to help fix up the house can really make a difference. The better your house looks, the more value you’re likely to get. 

Enhance your quality of life and increase the house’s value at the same time by making these upgrades. 

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