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Six Bathroom Remodel Ideas For Small Spaces

Are you thinking of renovating your small bathroom? Look no further than Alure. Since 1946, we have been helping people in New York and Long Island design their dream bathrooms. With us, your small bathroom makeover can be done in as little as one day. We offer bathroom remodels with safety and accessibility options so you or your loved ones can have peace of mind.

To get started on your small bathroom renovation, check out our small bathroom renovation ideas. Your small bathroom renovation doesn’t have to be stressful; you have our knowledgeable and experienced bathroom design experts on your side!

A small bathroom design or remodel can be a challenge without professional help. The smaller the square footage of your bathroom, the trickier it is to design a bathroom decor that reflects your style. But don’t worry; with these small bathroom design ideas, that small space can become your personal spa. 

Choose An All-White Bathroom

The right color scheme plays a huge role when designing any space, large or small. For a small bathroom, light color palettes or paint colors, such as white, create an illusion of volume. Additionally, shades of white can provide a minimalist look. They help a space feel both spacious and modern. For a sleek, refined look, a touch of bold colors like blue or black can make all the difference. A dark blue or black bathroom vanity, shower curtain, cabinetry, or vase could add a pop of color to your white bathroom.


Be Strategic With Furniture In Small Bathrooms

Placing certain pieces of furniture in strategic places in a small bathroom can make all the difference. When counter space is challenging, setting a cabinet on either side of a bathroom sink can be the answer. The cabinets serve a dual function as countertops and bathroom storage options. A wide or statement mirror can make a bathroom seem bigger, adding glamor and beauty. 

Floating Sink Basins

A floating single or double vanity is excellent for a small bathroom remodel. Floating sinks with sleek faucets free up space underneath them and have a modern aesthetic feel. They are great for turning a small space into an elegant contemporary bathroom. A floating vanity has clean lines and is great for powder rooms. Depending on your style, they work for minimalist interior designs and traditional bathroom looks.

Focused Light Fixtures 

Combining natural light and strategically placed lightning can turn a small bathroom into a beautiful space. Windowless bathrooms can feel closed-in or claustrophobic without the right light fixtures. Focused lighting can turn a windowless or small bathroom into a tasteful haven with a roomy feel. Avoid the use of intense, high-wattage bulbs. Light bulbs that have a daylight glow create a cozy and intimate feel. The warm glow also bounces off the bathtub or shower, bathroom walls, and other fittings, adding to the room’s overall appeal.  

Affixing light sconces to the mirror is another space-saving option. Small light bulbs around the mirror can also be a great design option that adds  wow factor and elevates the room. 

Design Your Bathroom Around A Small Bath

You don’t have to give up on long, luxurious soaks in a bathtub just because you only have a small square footage. A freestanding slipper tub adds a sleek and refined aesthetic to small bathroom spaces. It can be the focal point of the whole bathroom. A walk-in shower can be another option for non-bathers. A slipper bath-shower combo is also an option if you want the best of both worlds. 

Get Creative With Storage

Open shelving, multi-functioning towel bars, and stacked medicine cabinets are some creative ideas for storage when working with limited space. Under the sink organizers are life savers, especially when you have a floating vanity. A wall-mounted towel holder with multiple levels is a space saver that combines chic with utility. You can roll up bath and hand towels and place them in the mounted holders. Narrow built-in shelving is another great option for organization. It saves space and provides an ease-of-use function while mitigating clutter. 

H2: Wall Tiles and Bathroom Floor Ideas For Small Spaces

Whether designing a master bathroom or a guest bathroom, tiles make a huge difference. 

Wall and floor tiles are a small bathroom designer’s best friend. With such wide varieties of texture, color, and design, your small bath remodel can become a stunning work of art. Chevron-shaped tiles, metallic mosaic tiles, or even subway tiles can turn that small bathroom space into a homeowner’s haven. 

White tiles create an airy bathroom feel and are great for windowless bathrooms. Black and white combo tiles are also great for expanding that space. Whatever the color palette you choose, tiles unite all the bathroom’s elements.

Let Alure Help With Your Small Bathroom Remodel

Our team is there for you from design through to installation. Your bathroom remodel cost doesn’t have to break the bank. We have numerous budget-friendly options for you to choose from. With our small bathroom ideas, you can bring that dream bathroom to life at an affordable cost. Contact us today to start turning your small bathroom into the perfect haven for you.

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