Window Screen and Door Colors & Other Options

There are many options to consider when thinking about new windows and doors, such as color, glass, screens, grids etc.

Full Frame Replacement:

UltraShield has a system solution in place if your home has both frame and sash problems needing to be addressed and replaced. Restore the original structural beauty and integrity with our full frame replacement system, and rest in the comfort that your windows are energy efficient.

Screen Options:

  • Standard Screen
  • OptiView Screen 
    Sheer screening, providing a clearer view, with better airflow and insect protection.
  • PetScreen®
    Pet-resistant insect screening is available as an option on all UltraShield windows and doors. It’s made of strong vinyl-coated polyester that resists damage by dogs and cats, but won’t harm them.

Glass Options:

  • Standard Glass
  • Solar Clean Glass
    UltraShield windows with SolarClean™ self-cleaning glass combines the latest technologies that allow the sun’s ultraviolet rays and the sheeting characteristics of the glass to break down the adhesion of dirt and debris from the glass, while rain or a light water spray rinses it away. SolarClean™ offers minimal  maintenance due to less spotting and streaking. Best of all, it’s guaranteed for life.

Window and Door Colors:

You’re the designer, with a range from a true Painter’s White to fine wood finishes. In fact, UltraShield makes available 23 color combinations — 5 exterior colors and 7 interior colors.  This allows you to mix and match the perfect color blend to complement both the inside and outside of your home.

  • Exterior Colors:
    • White
    • Sandstone
    • Tan
    • Earthtone
    • Antique Brown
  • Interior Colors:
    • Painter’s White
    • Tan
    • Brazilian Pecan Woodgrain
    • Golden Oak Woodgrain
    • Colonial Cherry Woodgrain
    • Provincial Oak Woodgrain
    • English Walnut Woodgrain
    • Norwegian Maple Woodgrain


Shades of your personal style start with something exclusively from UltraShield: SunBlinds – the blinds you never clean! These adjustable mini blinds are actually sealed between the panes of glass, offering less maintenance with style. SunBlinds are available in five distinctive slat colors and two beautiful styles, Tilt-Only and Lift and Tilt, to complement the window style you’ve selected. (SunBlinds are not available with UltraShield Heat Mirror glass options.)

Side Slide “Cordless” Lift and Tilt Operator: The Side Slide “Cordless” Lift and Tilt Operator is standard for 5′ and 6′ x 6′ 8″ Sliding doors with White blinds in all door
color combinations. Additional custom sizes available.


  • Silver
  • Sandstone
  • White
  • Gold
  • Almond

Decorator Grid Options:

You’re the décor connoisseur, with grid options that give you that extra detail to enhance our window viewpoint. UltraShield offers you a variety of the distinct grid styles.

  • Georgian Colonial
  • Double Prairie
  • Woodgrain Georgian Colonial
  • Single Prairie
  • Brass Pencil Colonial
  • Florentine V-Groove
  • Standard Colonial 
  • Tudor V-Groove
  • Standard Diamond
  • Marquis V-Groove

Simulated Divided Lites:

Instead of grids between the glass, choose Simulated Divided Lites to maintain your home’s classic character. Have all the advantages of premium-performing windows with thermally efficient insulating glass, plus the timeless beauty of grids on both the interior and exterior panes of glass.  Simulated Divided Lites are available in all UltraShield
color combinations.

  • The spacer bar between the glass shadows the pattern of the Simulated Divided Lite grid to add to the architectural authenticity.

Designer Art Glass Styles:

Express your style with these custom grooved glass or insulated leaded glass designs. From Contemporary to Traditional, these wonderfully arranged patterns add color, value and architectural detail to your home. Create your own work of art.

  • Hannibal
  • Keokuk
  • Natchez
  • St. Paul
  • LaCrosse
  • Vidalia
  • Glue Chip
  • Rain Glass


Add the finishing touch to your UltraShield Sliding Patio Door with a variety of hardware finish options:

  • White
  • Antique Brass
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze 
  • Forever Finish Brass (Standard)
  • Brushed Nickel (Standard) 


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