Lumberyard (Box Store) Prices

Door Slab Average Cost…$310.00

  • 24 & 26 Gauge steel doors with wood rails
  • Already flawed with dings
  • Very limited warranty


  • List of Contractors
  • No Labor Warranty
  • Who’s responsible for their mistakes?
  • Wait for a call

Paint (Involves prep and 2 coats of paint)…$225.00

  • Body shops don’t want to paint doors
  • Painters will not waste their time on one door, therefore increasing their price
  • Labor market shortage
  • No paint warranty


  • Who do you call if you have a problem?
  • What level of quality are you getting?


Cladding and painting for Jamb…$150.00

  • Limited to who is willing to do this work

Interior Casing…$90.00

  • No warranty on finish

Time Invested – At Least 10 Hours…$300


Alure Installation

Value of Warranty

  • Limited Lifetime on door slab
  • 7 Year on paint & stain finishes
  • Labor Warranty?

Value of 20-Guage Entry System

  • 20-Gauge Smooth or Stainable all steel doors
  • 49% more galvannealed steel than a standard 24-guage door
  • Ball-bearing hinges
  • 20-Guage steel security plate
  • Oven-curved finishing process

Time Invested 

  • Our greatest commodity is our free time!
  • What is your free time worth to you?
  • This is my career. My skills not only give you the highest quality job, the most secure warranty, but also a lifelong relationship with a proven company to take care of all your home improvement needs. 

We Save You The Frustration!