Tips for Inspecting the Siding of Your Home

SidingThe devil, as they say, is in the details, and this old saying particularly holds true when you’re inspecting the siding on your home. Old siding is one of those things that often succumbs to the years of wear and tear that come from high winds, fluctuations in temperature, freezes, rainfall, and everything else that comes with living in New York and the tri-state area. The problem is that when siding begins to deteriorate, it can lead to all sorts of problems ranging from superficial issues on the exterior of the home to more significant issues, such as a reduction in home energy efficiency and even a risk for property damage. So how do you know that your siding needs to be repaired or replaced?

Here are some tips for inspecting the siding of your home:

  • Look for signs of wood rot, This might seem intuitive but rotting can sometimes occur before you can obviously tell there is a problem. Take the time to run your fingers along the siding and see if there is more give than you’d expect or if any wood splinters away from the home. This is also important when you’re thinking about buying a new home because many lenders won’t finance homes with wood rot.
  • Keep an eye out for termites or other signs of infestation, Along the same lines as with wood rot, this damage can be subtle. Drywood termites, for instance, shed their wings and leave behind small piles of droppings that are usually easier to detect than the termites themselves. Infested walls also tend to sag and may appear to be water damaged.
  • Identify structural damage, If it appears that your siding has warped, you find any holes in the siding, there are bubbles or cracks in the cladding, or any other structural issues within the siding, it is likely time to make a change.
  • Search for mold and mildew, Mold and mildew are two major problems in the home because they can lead to potentially significant health problems with your family. If you see any signs of mold when you’re walking around your home, act fast to get the issue addressed.

The best way to learn if you need new siding is to schedule a consultation with an expert. At Alure Home Improvements, our exterior home remodelers are standing by to inspect the siding on your home and explain the numerous benefits of our numerous siding options. To learn more, contact us today.

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