What Can Cultured Stone Siding Do For You? An Overview of the Benefits to this Type of Siding and its Installation Process

SidingThere are few things more attractive on a home than stone siding. Natural stone draws the eye, gives the home character and a lived-in look, and can complement the exterior of the home in a significant way. The problem, however, with natural stone is that it really isn’t particularly practical. Stone, as you can imagine, is exceedingly heavy, which makes the installation process cumbersome. You need to make sure that the wall is strong enough to support the weight of the stone and laying natural stone takes time and a skilled installer to do the job right. However, if you’re in love with the look and feel of natural stone but don’t want to deal with the expense and hassle of the installation process, cultured stone siding is an outstanding alternative that should be considered.

Stone veneer is unique because it is manufactured to look exactly like natural stone but is usually less than an inch thick and weighs around 15 pounds or less per square foot. What this means is that it is far more flexible than natural stone and can be installed in all sorts of places around the home, including walls both indoors and outdoors that aren’t as well equipped for load bearing. For instance, many people like to accent their fireplace or stairwell with stone veneer in addition to installing it outdoors to complement their vinyl siding. Another nice thing about stone veneer is that because it is fabricated out of a natural stone mold, it can be manufactured in a variety of different designs and colors to meet your specific needs. This variability allows you more control over what the finished product will look like once it is installed.

The actual installation process depends mostly on the specific wall that will be supporting the stone siding, as well as local building codes in the area. However, for our purposes, here are just a few general tips:

  • Focus on having tight joints between the individual stones
  • Always start at the bottom and work your way up
  • Focus on corners first and work from there
  • Press the stones in place so that mortar comes out through the edges
  • Be prepared to cut and trim pieces to fit your needs

As you can tell, a number of factors go into installing stone veneer the right way. While it is much easier to work with than natural stone, stone veneer is best installed by experienced professionals who can do the job right. To learn more about your siding options, contact the team at Alure Home Improvements and schedule a consultation.

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