Beautiful Kitchen Counters with Alure Home Improvements

There are many factors to consider when choosing countertops for your new kitchen. While the look of the counter is important, other decisions you must weigh include the material, the maintenance that will be required, and naturally, the cost.

The kitchen counters you choose must fit your lifestyle. If you love the look of a certain counter, often you can find a material that meets your other criteria.

Granite is a popular choice for kitchen counters when remodeling your kitchen. It comes in a variety of colors, and a choice of two different finishes. Polished finishes give granite a shiny, high gloss look. Honed granite results in more of a matte finish, giving the kitchen counters a softer appearance. The cost for counters made of granite will vary by the color, finish and origin of stone that you choose.

Marble is another popular choice for kitchen counters. It is often less expensive than granite, but is also softer and more porous, so it can scratch more easily. Marble, and other options such as limestone and soapstone, all require more care and delicate use.

There is a lot to learn to about and consider when choosing counters for your kitchen. Our designers at Alure Home Improvements can help you sort through the options. Come visit our extensive kitchen and bath showroom on Long Island, and start building your dream kitchen today!

And as you continue researching kitchen counters, watch this video below for more information on choosing the right countertops for you.

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