Should You Remodel Your Bathroom with a New Bathtub or Shower?

Bathroom RemodelingWhen you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom, one of the first things you’ll want to take a long, hard look at is your bathtub and/or shower. A gorgeous tub can really bring a room together and make your master bathroom one of your favorite places in your home; while a run down or out-of-style shower can have a major impact on the overall décor of the room and really detract from the beauty of the bathroom. At Alure Home Improvements, we understand how important it is to have a quality bathtub or shower in your bathroom and offer several beautiful and practical options for you to consider.

One popular service that we offer is our tub to shower conversion. In many homes, the bathtub is rarely used and serves as little more than an impediment when you’re getting in and out of the shower at the start of your day. While we all would love to have time to soak in a bathtub, it often is a luxury not enjoyed when you’re in the middle of a busy week. Plus, when you consider that household accidents are extremely common in bathrooms, in no small part because of the potential safety issues of stepping over a high bathtub threshold, having a tub may not make a lot of sense, in which case adding a gorgeous shower is a sensible investment.

That being said, many homeowners thoroughly enjoy bathing, and consider their bathtub to be a luxury that can’t be replaced. In this case, you might decide to treat yourself to a bathtub with whirlpool features or other optional benefits that will leave you completely satisfied with your bathroom remodeling project.

Since 1946, Alure Home Improvements has partnered with local homeowners to meet all of their home remodeling needs. Our highly trained and experienced bathroom remodelers are well-versed on the numerous products we offer and will work closely with you to select the bathtub or shower that will work best in your home. To learn more about our bathroom remodeling service, contact us today.

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