Going Green

At Alure, we increasingly see customers who have questions about just what does it means to be green. What can I do to “green” my home? What products should I buy? How can I make better choices? Alure can provide guidance, services,
and products to help you be green.

There is no doubt that our industrialized society has had a profound impact on the environment. Carcinogens compromise our food and water supplies. Pollution contributes to an alarming increase in the incidence of asthma and other respiratory ailments. Most climate experts agree that global warming is a reality that may have profound implications for everything from agriculture to the ocean ecosystem. The availability of inexpensive energy sources is limited. By living green, we can reduce our impact on the environment, mitigate negative changes in our planet’s climate, and be a self-sufficient society.

But how do we live green? Alure is taking a leadership role by providing green building projects and home performance audits with remodeling services to remedy any identified issues. These products and services enable our clients to be green by:

  • Seeing eco-friendly products on display in the Alure Showroom and learning how these products minimize environmental impact and make your home
  • Choosing sustainable materials for home remodeling projects done by Alure.
  • Educating our clients about the cost of green products””today’s products can cost the same or less than older technologies.
  • Providing tips on simple things you can do to green your home
  • Conducting Home Performance Assessments under the federal Energy Star Program to identify where your home is losing energy and how to stop it. See the Home Performance page on this web site for more information.

Alure is proud to participate in GreenLevittown.com, whose mission is to make it easy for the citizens of Levittown to save money on energy costs by providing special discounts on energy efficient products and services.

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