When Roof Repair Isn’t Sufficient for your Nassau County Home

Roof Repair - NassauDetermining whether the roof on your Nassau County home is in need of repair or should be replaced entirely can sometimes be challenging. At Alure Home Improvements, our highly experienced roofers have been trained to identify problem areas in your roof and determine the most equitable, affordable, and practical approach to roofing to ensure that your standards are met in as little time as possible. If it is decided that the time has come to replace your roof, our dedicated roofing professionals will help you through the entire process. As a full-service home remodeling company, there are no roofing jobs too big or involved for our team to handle. We’ll manage every step of the job, from creating a replacement plan and securing the necessary work permits through the completion of the project. The entire process couldn’t be any easier for you.

In normal circumstances, the lifespan of a roof is generally around 20 years, depending on the environment, weather, type of roofing materials you prefer, and other variables. That said, over time, problems sometimes develop that may warrant repair or even complete roof replacement. The trouble is that it is sometimes difficult to know that you have a problem before the damage has become severe, which is why it is always a good idea to pay close attention to your roof, particularly in older homes, to keep an eye out for warning signs that may indicate that you have a problem. For instance, a dark discoloration that develops on the roof can indicate the presence of mold or algae, which will need to be rectified. Obvious deterioration to the roofing materials can also indicate rotting as a result of the absorption of moisture by damaged shingles in the roof. In this instance, superficial roof repair may not be an option, in which case we can explain your various replacement options.

The best way to know whether your roof needs to be repaired or should be replaced entirely is to remain diligent and if you notice a problem, contact the professionals at Alure Home Improvements and schedule an in-home assessment. One of our experts will gladly inspect your roof and help you decide what approach is best for your home.

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