An Overview of Window Grille Options to Consider on Your Home

Replacement Windows Long Island NYChoosing the style of grilles that you want to include in your new windows is an important consideration. The right kind of grille can completely change how a window looks and feels, both inside and outside of the home. This can have a major impact on the overall style of your house. That’s why when you’re shopping for new windows for your Long Island home, it pays to focus on the details. Sure, the style of window grille might not seem like a make-or-break feature, but you want to ensure that your windows are not only practical but also meet your specific aesthetic needs and wants.

After deciding what style of window you want for your home, the next step will be to sort through all of the optional accessories and grille patterns at your disposal to create the ideal, customized replacement windows for your home. Here are two very popular few examples of the types of window grille patterns that homeowners often enjoy:

  • Colonial, You choose how many rectangles you want in the window sashes
  • Prairie, This style features two vertical and horizontal lines that provide a picture frame feel to your windows

Once you settle on the ideal grille pattern, you’ll next need to choose the ideal finish to complement both the interior and exterior of your home.

Another option to make your home really stand out from your neighbors’ is to forego window grilles altogether. You can give your window a unique look with geometric shapes like circles, octagons, trapezoids, and triangles. The choice is entirely yours and depends solely on your specific aesthetic preferences.

When you turn to a trusted home remodeler like Alure Home Improvements, our team will gladly explain your many options and help you customize your replacement windows to fit best on your home. To learn more, contact us today or stop by our showroom to see our various window styles in person for yourself.

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