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Sal Ferro hosted a home improvements radio show on WHLI called “Home on Long Island,” featuring guests on various topics related to remodeling and projects around the home. Guests included Former NY Islander Bruno Gervais, Long Island Waterproofing Owner John Puma, Margaret Gillece from Petro Oil and Kyle Chaikin of Chaikin Ultimate Pools. The radio shows can be heard below.

Comfort – Safety – $avings! – Sal talks with Alure’s BPI certified, Hubie Van Meurs about making homes more energy efficient, more comfortable and safer while saving money.

Bigger & Better Living Space Without Buying A New Home! – Sal discusses ways to add more living space to your home, from traditional extensions or dormers, to finishing wasted basement space.

“Window Shopping” Is Serious Business! – Sal talks about energy efficient windows and how new windows can not only add curb appeal, but drastically impact your home’s energy performance.

Siding Has Never Looked Better!– Sal talks about different options for adding curb appeal and insulation to your home with the several options when siding your home.

Trick or Treat?! – Sal shares some homeowners contractor horror stories and talks about how to avoid similar problems in the future.

The “Basics” of Kitchen Remodeling – Sal discusses how to get started with a kitchen remodel, from styles, cabinets, space allocation and more with special guest, Ron Benkin.

Bathroom Trends – Sal discusses bathroom design- styles, tile options, fixtures, space allocation and more.

New & Improved Home Building! – Sal speaks with Alure’s Director of Modular Construction, Ron Benkin, about how modular construction is changing the face of  remodeling and shortening the amount of time a homeowners ends up out of their home for a major addition or extension.

Ready, Set, Splash! – Getting your pool ready for the summer season… what to do first, Sal gets the low down from Kyle Chaikin of Chaikin Ultimate Pools.

Perennials Vs. Pansies – Frank Palmeri from Serf N’ Turf Landscaping talks with Sal about getting your property ready for the spring.

What to Do When You See the Water? –  Is your basement taking in water? Not sure what to do? Sal speaks with Long Island Waterproofing’s John Puma to discuss how to waterproof your basement.

What’s Clean About Oil? – Sal has guest, Margaret Gillece, from Alure’s corporate partner Petro, to talk about HVAC and the benefits of using oil.

Advice From Someone Who Knows Long Island! – Sal speaks with former Islander Bruno Gervais about the Islanders and Bruno’s charity golf outing in Canada.

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