10 Home Renovation Ideas to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

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Are you itching for a home renovation project but don’t know what projects to commit to? Do you want to elevate your home and make it look more expensive?

Well, you’re in the right place. Here are ten home renovation ideas that will make your home look and feel more expensive.

High-Quality Windows

Renovating your windows is not cheap, but they’re a home renovation that you don’t want to skimp on at all. High-quality windows will help you reduce costs in other ways. This includes heating and lighting, security, and overall maintenance.

Thus, you’d want to invest in high-quality windows if you’re going to renovate them in the first place.

Adding more oversized windows can elevate the look of your home. Plus, it also adds more curb appeal to your home.

It’s best for places that you would want natural light in, like the lounge area of your home. However, every space in your house will benefit from high-quality windows that are placed strategically.

Kitchen Islands

Do you want to elevate your kitchen? Consider adding a kitchen island instead of only having parts of your kitchen stuck to the wall.

Kitchen islands can make your kitchen look more spacious, and it also leaves you more room to play around with. You can even add bar stools onto your kitchen island so that it can be a preparation space on one side while you talk to family or guests.

You can also add other kitchen appliances onto the kitchen island that would elevate it in different ways. Some people add a wine cooler to it. Others are more practical and add a trash compactor in there or even a refrigeration drawer.

Higher Ceilings

If you have a budget for a complex renovation project, there’s nothing better than having higher ceilings in your home.

Higher ceilings add an atmosphere of openness and freshness. It makes any home grander. Even a foot of difference can bring out how great higher ceilings make your home feel more luxurious.

It’s worth reminding, though, that this is a time, energy, and money-intensive project to take on, especially if you need to raise the roof higher.

However, higher ceilings will undoubtedly make your home a more elegant place. At the same time, it’s going to increase the value of your home.

Home Theater

Many homes of the rich and famous have their private home theater. You can turn it into a home theater if you have an extra room that you don’t know what to do with.

What’s great about a home theater is that it can be as decked out as you want. You can also have a more affordable but still elegant-looking home theater experience.

The critical parts of a good home theater experience would be large screens, comfortable seating, and a surround sound system. It would be best to have soundproofing as well. That way, you can make the most out of your surround sound system without the neighbors making complaints.

Panel Walls

Panel walls are an excellent addition to your home. Even without wall art or the like, panel walls add a texture and look to a room that makes it more charming. Although expensive, they can put the cherry on top, especially in an otherwise minimalistic space.

To make panel walls work for you, you don’t have to get all the walls in a room into a panel wall. Instead, to strengthen its impact, you can have an accent wall that is a panel wall. You don’t overdo it with the panel walls, so you make the walls more interesting to look at by adding a panel wall accent to them.

Stone-Face Gas Fireplace

Fireplaces in a home will add a warm and welcoming feel to any home but still be elegant and luxurious.

What’s great about modern fireplaces is that they’re not as challenging to maintain as before. Now, you can get gas fireplaces so that you can keep warm without the soot and ash all over the place.

Getting a stone-faced gas fireplace is an excellent addition to a home to make it look vintage but still very elegant.

Bathroom Fixture Upgrade

A more subtle upgrade that you can do to your bathroom would be a bathroom fixture upgrade.

Changing the bathroom fixtures more and making them match can elevate the look of your bathroom. There are plenty of styles available for bathroom fixtures everywhere, and you can even upgrade them to add other functions.

Some people pay special attention to their porcelain throne and even add a bidet or a seat-warming function. Some bathroom faucets flow out like waterfalls instead of the usual.

There are various ways to customize your bathroom fixtures, so play around with them.

Soaking Tub

You might have a bathtub at home, but if you want to make it feel and look more expensive, you should get a soaking tub instead. Soaking tubs are much deeper than your average bathtub. This depth allows you to submerge yourself deeper than you would have been able to if you used a bathtub.

If you want to take it up a notch, you can try bath remodeling that incorporates your soaking tub. Since soaking tubs are double the size of a bathtub, you’d probably need more space in your bathroom. Thus, remodeling is a step that you need to take.

Swimming Pool or a Hot Tub

Want to make a splash in your backyard? Add a swimming pool or a hot tub.

Instead of adding a swimming pool or hot tub willy-nilly, why not update the whole backyard to better incorporate the swimming pool and hot tub. You want your pool or hot tub to be a highlight and not an add-on alone.

Nothing says luxury more than a private pool or jacuzzi. Adding outdoor dining areas as well can turn your backyard into a hub of activity. You’ll find friends, relatives, and neighbors asking for dinner parties all the time with them.

Sophisticated Entryway

The first thing that your visitors will see when they get to your home would be your entryway. Therefore, investing in a sophisticated entrance can leave an excellent first impression.

You can start by having gorgeous doors installed. Don’t forget to invest in your entryway’s lighting and even get a charming little tune custom to your home. Before your guests could even enter the house, they were already entertained.

With just your entryway, you can make a positive start to whatever get-together you’ve planned.


These home renovation ideas can elevate how your house looks. So, if you are unsure how you’d spruce up your house, perhaps you can pick a thing or two from this post.

About the Author: Jacky Xu is the Chief Operating Officer for MaidSailors.com, home cleaning services NYC.
Photo by Chauhan Moniz on Unsplash

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