Top 5 Gaming-styled House Designs

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Building the Gamer’s Paradise

Art imitates life. But in the gaming enthusiast world, to stay in that focused and determined mindset, it is not uncommon for these players to redesign their entire living space to imitate the art they have emerged themselves in. In a style similar to Feng Shui, they adjust their lighting, their furniture, even their diet to get that edge they need to dominate.

But changing a few items is only half the battle. Sure, you can get a chair designed specifically for long periods of gaming or a table that looks like an oversized console controller, but to get that deep, immersive sensation, that full spectrum gaming experience, some innovative gamers have remodeled their entire living space.

Leveling Up Your Home

Original Japanese creators, building their complex machines for video game arcade use, the skill and joy experienced by kids and adults alike have left a legacy that now is entirely home-based. Better video game console options and even international player leagues all spawned from a single quarter.

These machines still exist in plenty of places, and the classics like Galaga and Mrs. Pac-Man never go out of style, and new games like Big Chef  are rocketing in popularity, but the gamers of today need something more. They need a challenge that is far beyond 8-bit video game characters, and they want a home that reflects their passion.

Video Game Home Designs That Dominate

Your ultimate gamer home can be a reality with a few minor alterations that pretty much anyone can do. Some ideas are best handled by a professional, but the result will be worth it.

1.    From the Windows to the Walls

Redoing your walls to reflect your passion for gaming is not all that tough if you have a plan and the patience to see it through. And by patience, we mean letting your new video game wallpaper dry before doing anything else to the walls like hanging shelves or adding some video game posters. Wall décor is not hard to find, and there is video game art available at dozens of dedicated retailers. Can video games be art? Absolutely.

2.    The Sound and The Fury

Dolby Atmos, THX, Sony; what do they have in common? The legendary sound quality you can not only hear but can feel. And to get your total gaming experience, having a professionally installed surround sound system is a significant investment, especially when coupled with a massive 4K Ultra flat-screen TV. You will hear everything and never be caught by surprise again.

3.    Sit Right Here, and We’ll Show You How It’s Done

Proper gaming furniture is crucial for those long raids or marathons playing your best team in an Esports competition. Gaming chairs are fantastic, but what about a gaming couch with built-in features just for the gamer. Reclining heated seats, chaise lounge with massage features, and plenty of USB ports for charging your controllers. Add some cup holders, and the game is on.

4.    What’s in a Theme?

Your video game room doesn’t only have to center around your TV and Speakers, or even your bookcases cataloging your discs waiting to be played. It can be all-encompassing. And if you have a favorite genre, movie series, or whatever makes you stand up and cheer, why not deck out the entire space with décor dedicated to that one great love. Whether it be Star Wars, Star Trek, or Stargate, there is room décor available.

5.    You Light Up My Life

Lighting makes a huge difference when gaming, especially when playing something spooky or dramatic. Games that haunt your dreams and scare your socks off need dim lighting, whereas games that are dimly lit and need darkness to experience all of the full, rich colors are easily ruined if the lighting is anything but off. Having a lighting system that caters to your games, and is easily adjustable when needed, is paramount.


You might be a video game Xbox fan or stick to playing on your computer. Perhaps you love the old school Nintendo or have a classic arcade machine with Tron as your only respite. Whatever your pleasure, if you have a deep emotional need for gaming, redesigning your living space to accommodate is not only doable but will enhance your play in a way you might not expect. Are you a gamer and thought about redesigning your home to show your pride as a gamer?


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