DIY ideas to decorate your garden this summer

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Gardening is a lot of fun, and DIY-ers have plenty of ideas to channel their inner Martha Stewart for some DIY gardening projects especially this summer. Whether it is creating a beautiful flower box, preparing a perfectly manicured lawn or simply growing succulents indoors, gardening can be a great way to de-stress and relax. Although many gardening DIY projects can be performed by an individual, there are some factors worth considering before starting a gardening venture.

Deciding to proceed with a gardening project depends on the nature of the project and the person’s skill set. Carpentry and gardening are relatively easy for a DIYer. Things like planting seeds, grafting and pruning are regularly done by capable gardeners. Using special equipment may require more practice. Removing a tree off of the property, renovating the shed roof, replanting the lawn, or building a gazebo may require more time and equipment than what a DIYer would have in the garage. For these, it is better that these are done by an expert gardener or contractor.

Here are a few suggestions for small projects a DIYer or a weekend gardener can easily accomplish in a day or two.

DIY Window Flower Box

Beautiful and colorful flowers blooming underneath the windows are a welcome treat to the home gardener. Displaying blooms or succulents in window boxes that are engraved with flower borders adds character and personality to any home. Rather than ordering a ready-made flower box for your window, it can be a fun do-it-yourself project which is especially unique for the home. Unlike commercial flower borders and box planters, using a laser engraver is not necessary to etch drawings on flower borders. Painting the borders and planters is enough to make these attractive. But if you want to invest in one it won’t be a loss. Now, you can easily swap out your old flower arrangements from your kitchen decor, with this brand new spin on a pretty DIY window flower box.

DIY ideas to decorate your garden this summer

Add A Water Feature

A water feature in your garden can be a welcome and relaxing treat for the entire family. For instance, a ready-made outdoor furnishing with a waterfall feature can be readily available at the local store. A little creativity will surely go a long way and adding some embellishments is easy to do. The DIY handyman can create a water feature from scratch with the help of online resources.

Recycle and Upcycle

Glass and plastic bottles can be recycled or upcycled creating decorative pieces for the garden. Instead of leaving them in the dust or sending these to the trash bin, glass bottles can be used for DIY garden improvement projects. Repaint these bottles in various hues and use them as a colorful border for your flower garden. These can also be used as garden hangings tied to trees or from a trellis. Larger plastic bottles can be used as planters in lieu of pots. This can help save the environment and at the same time beautify the garden.

Garden Stepping Stones

For those who have a spacious backyard garden, creating beautiful stepping stones will allow a garden to have a one-of-a-kind focal point. There are some limitations for the stones including the use of rough, dry, wide stones preferably. Check out Pinterest boards for some ideas that can serve as an inspiration to get started on DIY garden stepping stones.

Throw In Some Fairy Lights

Trees can be embellished without harming them, thanks to cute fairy lights. These are available online at an affordable price and come in various colors including red, blue, purple, orange, yellow, green, white, and more. Some fairy lights are battery operated and waterproof, with no need to worry about fire hazards or high electricity bills. It is easy to create a beautifully designed sitting area with these cute fairy lights, which is perfect for a bonfire in the evenings. Moreover, it is a welcome sight for a great barbecue night with friends and loved ones.

These are all quite inexpensive projects, and creating various designs and patterns for these DIY projects is relatively easy. For a really eye-catching garden, all that is needed is a little creativity, imagination, and inspiration. All the things needed to accomplish can be found at home, and there is no need not spend a fortune to redesign any of the above.

These DIY ideas are a great way to showcase a garden brimming with beautiful flowers and greenery.

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