12 Best Products to Buy for Your New Place

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When you move into a new home, there are tons of things that you want to buy to make the space truly yours. Each person has a difficult personality, and so, too, should their home. Even if you think you already have everything you’ll need when you move into your new place, you’ll likely still end up buying more. Shopping can help you shake off the stress from moving into a new home, anyway. Whether you’ve just moved into your first home or you’ve started renting your first apartment, here are the best products to buy for your new home.

1. A New Mattress

Most people sleep on the same mattress for decades, which isn’t recommended. Most experts agree that you should only use the same mattress for up to 10 years because it can lose its firmness over time, which can result in back and neck pain. 

If you’re moving in with your partner, you might want to upgrade to a larger mattress to make sure that you can both sleep comfortably throughout the night. 

As long as you’re upgrading your mattress, make sure that you take a look at your pillows. If you’re still using the pillow that you used as a kid, it’s time for a new one. There are pillows available no matter which position you prefer to sleep in. For example, pillows for side sleepers reduce shoulder pain.

2. Bath Mats

Make sure that you have bathmats for all of your bathrooms to avoid slippery floors when leaving the tub. You can find a quality cheap bath mat at almost any store, including the grocery store, but those won’t last long, especially after prolonged use. Instead, find bath mats that have good grip and have a plush, absorbent top. 

3. A New Shower Head

The showerhead that your new place comes with likely won’t be the best one available, especially if you live in an apartment. While some modifications should be frowned upon, you can always switch it back when you move out. Purchase a showerhead that you can detach in some way so that you can clean every part of your body more easily. You can also find shower heads that increase or decrease the flow of water that comes out, depending on your preferences. 

Showerheads are cheap and effective, but you can find some higher-priced ones with more functionality depending on your wants. 

4. Fresh Plants

Plants can brighten up any space while adding character to your new home. Not to mention, they can make your entire home feel more relaxing whether you’re watching television or doing yoga. If you’re not great at keeping plants alive, try a low-maintenance plant like a cactus or bamboo. 

5. New Pots and Pans

There’s no reason to bring old, food-stained pots and pans to your new home. Stainless steel pots are affordable for any budget and can make cooking more enjoyable with easy clean-up. 

6. Home Décor

Your home should have its own personality. While you can paint the walls, nothing shows off your own unique style, like home décor. From adding posters to your bedroom to putting up photos of your family, friends, and your pets in your living room, a personal touch can make your home more inviting for you and your visitors. 

7. A WiFi Extender

WiFi is a cost that we’re all happy to pay, but there’s nothing more frustrating than your internet not working in certain rooms. Believe it or not, a wall can actually blog the signal, making your internet shoddy depending on your location. An extender solves this problem by helping the signal reach you no matter how far away you are from your router. 

8. Pet Cams

If you have a pet and you both have separation anxiety, you might want to consider getting a pet cam or two. There are tons of cameras available for pet owners, some of which allow you to throw treats to your dog or cat while you’re away. Other cameras simply let you watch your pet and communicate with them through a speaker.

9. Cleaning Supplies

When packing up your old home to move to your new one, you likely threw away all of your partially used cleaning supplies. Once you make your first strip to the grocery store, make sure you stock back up on cleaning supplies, including everything from a Swiffer to a plunger for your toilet. 

10. A Smart Doorbell 

A smart doorbell allows you to see who is at your door and record them if there’s any suspicious activity. Instead of paying thousands of dollars on home security, your smart doorbell can alert you of any intruders, and you can then call the police. 

11. A New Couch

If your couch is old, then you might need to purchase a new one for the sake of your back. A couch that’s sunken in can put you in a bad posture and cause back and neck pain. If you’re like most Americans, you enjoy spending your free time on the couch watching television with your loved ones and friends, so a good, comfortable couch is an absolute necessity. 

12. Lighting

While your new home will have some lighting already installed, you may want to consider additional lighting. Not only does lighting affect your mood, but some areas of your home may need to be more well-lit than others. If you’re someone who likes to read in bed while your significant other sleeps, consider a bedside lamp that emits low-light that’s just enough for you to see the words on the page. 

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to go crazy when purchasing items for your new home. If you already have products that are in proper working order, skip replacing them to save money for the more expensive items like new furniture and a new mattress. 

When you move into your new home is the only time that you’ll see it empty, so you can start planning your design and make a list of the items you need to make your new house or apartment feel like a home.  

About The Author: Matt Casadona has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in Psychology. He is currently a contributing editor for 365 Business Tips. Matt is passionate about marketing and business strategy and enjoys the San Diego life, traveling and music.
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