Cedar Siding: A Better Alternative

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Take a good, long look at a home cladded with cedar and you’ll understand why cedar siding is a perennial favorite among discerning homeowners. Cedar lends homes distinctive character, and even the most modest residence can take on a certain elegance when cladded with cedar. But its natural beauty comes with a cost. Cedar siding is not as durable as many other options. Not only is it flammable unless specially treated, but it’s also less resistant to weather damage and insect infestation. Then there’s the maintenance factor. To keep cedar siding protected and looking fresh, you need to paint or stain it regularly, in some cases every three to five years. Fortunately, there’s a better alternative.

Design Flexibility With CertainTeed Siding

CertainTeed, the widely renowned manufacturer of building materials, makes top-tier siding that replicates natural cedar to a stunning effect. Made from durable polymer and featuring a special textured finish that’s molded from real cedar boards, CertainTeed Cedar Impressions® siding is available in all the popular cedar siding styles, from rough-split shake to sawmill shingles and Dutchlap. For a cohesive look that would be difficult—if not impractical—to achieve with natural wood, it also comes in extra-long and extra-thick panels that reduce the number of seams. Options in solid wood colors, deep shades, subtle tones, wood-tone blends, and trim colors give you even more design freedom and the opportunity to satisfy your aesthetic precisely.

Long-Lasting Performance

Of course, Cedar Impressions siding offers more than a beautiful, classic appearance; it also effectively protects home exteriors. Highly weather-resistant, it’s tested to withstand hurricane-force winds as well as the freeze-thaw cycles that can be particularly rough on wood siding. Cedar Impressions also resists termites and rot and is virtually maintenance free. To keep it looking fresh, all that’s required is a regular light wash with soap and water. Plus, you never need to repaint or re-stain it as the color is blended throughout the siding material. Unlike cedar shingles that discolor and weather inconsistently from one side of a home to another, Cedar Impressions colors stay consistent on all sides of the home.

What’s more, with advanced features such as molded perimeter locks for a more secure installation and deep panel projection for extra rigidity, any Cedar Impressions option will give you confidence that your siding will fit your house like a glove and perform reliably for years on end.

Explore Your Options

Whether you like textures and patterns that mimic the effect of saw blades on real cedar or you prefer the clean edges and smooth lines of a straight-edge design, Alure Home Improvement is sure to have the perfect Cedar Impressions option for you. As the premier home improvement company on Long Island for more than 70 years, we can help you select siding that complements your home’s exterior components and then install your siding flawlessly using our well-honed installation process. You’ll enjoy ultimate peace of mind as we back our siding installations with a minimum three-year warranty on all materials and labor, in addition to passing along CertainTeed’s robust warranty protection. Contact Alure to learn more.

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