The Design & Installation Process

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Research a Project

One of Alure Home Improvements qualified, experienced new home or addition designers will come to your home and discuss the options that are available to you, based on your family needs, age and construction of the home, size of the property, building requirements within your municipality and a few other important factors

Plan a Project

After an inspection of the homes mechanical systems, and basic structure of the home, through discussion and a presentation of possible ideas a concept for the project will be established. Once that concept is agreed upon, an architect comes to the home with the designer to discuss the project details, lend his opinions and to verify all field measurements and to document the structure of the house and the planned changes. We are then able to bring the architects elevations of the proposed changes to our 8000 square foot showroom and create a digital image of your new home on a large screen to show you how the renovation will look. This is an excellent communication tool that allows you make decisions on the final product. It allows us to create the “picture perfect” version of the renovation of your new home and communicate those details to all who will be involved in making the concept become a reality.

At this point, the architect’s plans are reviewed and refined to show the changes that our discussions have brought up. Lastly, a final set of plans are drawn up that reflect the final project. After that is reviewed, those plans are used to apply for permits at the local municipality

Begin a Project

The installation process coordinated by Alure with the local building department for inspections is tricky to describe as each project is different and some municipalities requirements will have a part in how the job progresses

The installation process starts with a review of the job by one our own project managers, the designer and the clients. This is done at the home with the plans of the renovation and the details of the job requirements so the project manager can plan the job effectively

Once permits are granted the work can begin. In most cases that means any needed cement work is done, preparation to the existing structure is started to support or otherwise allow the addition to take place

Structural support changes or cement work is then inspected by the local building department. What happens next will depend greatly on whether the project is built on-site or off site as a modular addition or new home. For the clarity of this information, we are describing an on site or “stick built” project

Generally the events are:

  • Materials delivery
  • Rough framing of exterior walls and roof system
  • Inspection  by building dept
  • As the area is made secure – from weather, and outside elements the new space can be opened up to the existing space
  • Rough Electric work
  • Rough Plumbing work
  • Insulation
  • Sheetrock tape and spackle
  • Finish electrical work
  • Finish plumbing work

After the new space is built each project will take its own course. This is where the labor is carefully chosen based on their abilities and expertise to bring the project to completion.

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