Renovate your kitchen in 10 days

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As a homeowner, you probably spend a lot of time in the kitchen. That’s why it’s important to keep it as functional and modern as possible. While you might dream of changing it to accommodate your needs and preferences, you may be hesitant to go through a whole kitchen renovation that requires weeks – or even months – of downtime. However, there’s a solution for that. Imagine having your dream kitchen designed, installed and functioning by Thanksgiving. Alure Home Improvements’ Kitchen and Bath Design Specialist Ron Marder explains how to completely transform your kitchen in just 10 days.

Speedy and convenient
Depending on how extensive your desired changes are, a standard kitchen remodel can take anywhere from six to eight weeks, noted Marder. This doesn’t even factor in the time spent researching designers and selecting the best options for you. With the Alure 10-day kitchen service, a professional comes to your home and maps out all of your options. You’ll be presented with three different packages that vary in pricing and function and help you achieve your dream kitchen. In one day, you can decide on all of the cabinetry, countertops, flooring and other considerations that could normally take weeks of research.

“This service is so valuable because all of the selection is done at home,” said Marder. “It takes away all of the work that’s usually required of the customer.”

Although the term “speedy” might infer low quality, the finished product of Alure’s 10-day kitchen renovation is anything but. Everything about the service – including the products and materials used in the renovation – is top notch.

“We have tremendous buying power at Alure,” said Marder. “We can provide higher quality products and offer them to our customers at low prices.”

What’s included
The 10-day kitchen service takes a great deal of work and effort off of the customer’s responsibilities, Marder explained. It includes end-to-end service, covering everything from design to installation to permits, and is a one-stop approach to a kitchen makeover. While a normal renovation would typically require the help of professionals from multiple backgrounds, one Alure consultant could effectively explain electric, plumbing and design needs involved in the project.

From there, a team of trusted professionals could handle everything, starting with gutting the kitchen, if necessary. Then, they could bring the electric up to code and run lines for the appliances, and replace the plumbing, heating and flooring according to the renovation. Countertops and cabinets could be replaced, doors could be changed and more, all within 10 days.

“What we do in 10 days really depends on what the customer requests,” said Marder. “For example, if someone wants to switch their heating system from floor heat to forced air, we can handle that ourselves.”

More modern designs, extra counter space and a larger kitchen are just a few examples of extensive renovations that can be performed quickly and beautifully in under two weeks with minimal effort on your part. The 10-day renovation service can even be less expensive than some remodel projects, since the cost of labor is capped with this option as a result of the time saved.

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