Behind the Scenes Facts of the Peter Family Episode of EMHE

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Here are some facts from the Peter Family Episode re-airing on CMT Friday 8/21 at 4:00 and 8:00. These are facts that you most likely wouldn’t gather from viewing the show:

1) The Peter Family was the 4th family that Alure Home Improvement teamed up with the Extreme Design Team to help transform their lives.

2) The traditional “Braveheart Scene”, where the designers and volunteers march to the home for demo, this was the first time the show did this in the dark and special lighting was called in to assist.

3) The home is located in a very congested part of Jamaica, Queens New York. This required the home to be torn down by hand instead of utilizing heavy machinery. An added challenge for the crew to stick to the timeline.

4) Once demo was complete, it was discovered that the original home was never sitting on a foundation. This required us to arrange for an additional 35 yards of concrete be trucked in at a moment’s notice in order to provide a foundation for the new home. It is not unusual for the need to call in some favors during the week of an Extreme Build.

5)  Families from previous Alure Extreme Builds (Lucy Ali – Alure episode #2 and John Vitale – Alure Episode #3) contributed to the efforts of this build. Lucy brought some home made food for the workers and John, along with his brother, contributed throughout the week on the job site.

6) To lighten things up a bit, the team of Alure Employees played a joke on President/CEO Sal Ferro. They had Sal’s wife call him and say the kids broke a brand new window in the back of his home while playing ball. Once he discovered the call was a joke, Sal literally fell to his knees in the middle of the job site.

This build was another great experience for a wonderful family. Members of the Peter Family also chipped in to assist with Alure’s next build to assist the Arena Family only a couple of weeks later.

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