Easy Gourmet Appetizer Recipes From Alure’s Design & Planning Show

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What is your “go to” appetizer when entertaining in your home?

Mine has always been chips and dip (store bought, nothing fancy). This is because it’s easy to make and quite honestly, I was a terrible cook…until recently when I was shown a few really easy, really delicious appetizers during Alure’s 4th Annual Design & Planning Show. (See a recap of the show here)

Frank Felico of Felico’s in Farmingdale, NY ran a great seminar all weekend called Appetizer Creations that took place in the “green” kitchen display in Alure’s showroom. The seminar taught attendees how to make a few simple, gourmet appetizers from start to finish.

These seminars could not have come at a better time considering that the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day were right around the corner. With dishes like “Tomato Encrusted Chicken” and “Orange Pineapple Shrimp” being presented, I figured that, given my cooking abilities, this was not for me. Turns out, after watching the seminars, these recipes  are no sweat!

So as promised to all attendees and readers alike, I was able to get a few recipes from Felico’s to share with you.

Click here for a printable PDF of a few recipes from the show. Enjoy!

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