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When you renovate your master bathroom, there are a lot of major decisions to make. You’ll need to decide on the design theme, your color scheme, the types of materials and the style of your new shower. However, sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can have the biggest impact on your day-to-day life.

While the type of sink or tile that you and your bathroom designer pick out have a significant impact on the entire room, gadgets, specialty features and other small additions can help improve your bathroom experience. If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom for a more spa-like feel, try one of these popular bathroom gadgets or features.

Digital shower controls 
If you find yourself walking into a shower that’s either too cold or too hot every morning because you turned the handle a centimeter too far, you should consider a digital shower system. These popular gadgets let people adjust shower aspects such as temperature, water pressure and specialty features.

Talk to your bathroom designer about specialty shower options.

Talk to your bathroom designer about specialty shower options.

One reason why these control options are popular is because many allow you to set customized specifications so that you can get the exact shower you want every time. Talk to your designer about the types of controls you can add to your shower.

Specialty showerheads and steam
If you want that true spa feel, you should have a steam shower installed. Alure Home Improvements’ bathroom design expert Ken Gold explained that these gadgets allow people to turn their shower into a personal steam room. It pairs nicely with a shower seat and a large shower.

Although showerheads with pulse and other functions have been popular for years, Gold also noted that other specialty shower options are still gaining popularity. He pointed to waterfall showerheads and body sprayers as a few spa-like aspects homeowners are adding.

Towel heaters
No one likes stepping out of the shower to a cold bathroom and a chilly towel. Consider adding a towel heater to your bathroom design. These basic gadgets are a fun aspect for anyone who likes being pampered and are easy to add to any bathroom.

Feel the comfort of warm towels.

Feel the comfort of warm towels.

Showerhead speakers 
The days of fragile shower radios are over – you can now listen to your favorite songs through a speaker in the showerhead. These speakers allow you to put on your favorite wake-up playlist in the shower by using Bluetooth from your phone or mobile device.

Plenty of outlets 
Outlets aren’t the flashiest gadgets, but they can come in handy. Talk to your custom bathroom designer about adding more outlets in areas where you need them the most, such as around the sink.

Smart scales 
Many people are using their scales at home to help keep track of their fitness and health regimens. As the popularity of wearable fitness tracking devices like FitBit has grown, so too has the use of scales that connect with mobile apps.

Work with your bathroom designer to decide which gadgets you want to add to your new, high-tech bathroom to maximize your experience every day.

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