Add Value to Your Home with These 11 Outdoor Improvements

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Outdoor home improvements are more than new flower bulbs and driveway gravel, there are a variety of elements that can add value and enjoyment. Some can have a great huge return on investment (ROI) while others protect your investment, like joist tape. In fact, some many of the most valuable home upgrades are on its exterior.

Make a positive first impression and increase your home’s ROI with these 11 outdoor projects.

  1. Create a welcoming entrance. Welcome guests with a clean, freshly painted door. Add seasonal flowers in pots on either side of the door, or in planters along the railing of your porch. Be sure to include your house number in a prominent spot. Consider installing a smart doorbell so you can monitor incoming packages and guests.
  2. Add a new outdoor living space. A deck is one of the most flexible and valuable spaces you can add to your home. You can use it for relaxing, entertaining, or family time. If you have a two-story deck, you have even more potential — whether you want an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor movie theater or additional storage. By adding an under-deck drainage system, you can transform the space under the deck so it is dry and useable. Consider an outdoor fireplace, enclose a sunroom or make your own personal spa by adding a hot tub. This additional outdoor living space perfectly fits your personality and lifestyle. The ROI is great too.
  3. Replace your garage door. If you have a garage door, it’s important to keep it looking good and working well. According to Zillow, a garage door is one of the best home improvement investments you can make. There are three main options: sectional, roller or tilt. Look at the variety of options and choose the one that best meets your needs and style. Professional installation is recommended due to the weight of the doors.
  4. Add a natural element. Zillow also reports that one of the trendiest outdoor home improvements is to add stone veneer to your home, which can recoup up to 94.9% of the value.
  5. Grow a lusher landscape. You don’t have to have a green thumb to spruce up your landscaping. If you want to completely overhaul your home’s exterior, enlist the help of a landscape architect. However, a trip to your local garden center and a talk with their resident landscape expert can also guide you in adding or replacing plants. Consider whether you prefer low maintenance or high wow-factor (which may mean a little more work). Be sure to consider sun and shade and your plant hardiness zone.
  6. Make your neighbors green with envy. A well-manicured lawn speaks volumes about how you care for your home. Either bring in a professional to evaluate your soil and to make recommendations on feeding and watering, or enlist the help of your state cooperative extension office in testing your soil. Control your weeds and get the right fertilizer for a neater lawn. Water deeply, but not necessarily daily, and consider a drip irrigation system set on a timer.
  7. Tame unruly bushes and sprawling tree limbs. Not only can these elements be dangerous to your home or car, but they detract from the beauty of your home. Additionally, trees can hinder views and be potentially hazardous around powerlines.
  8. Pave your driveway. While it may be costly to asphalt or concrete your driveway, you’ll be able to forego the constant need to add gravel. You’ll also have an easier time clearing snow from your path. If you want something more classic, consider slip-resistant cobblestone pavers.  
  9. Build a fire pit. Today’s firepits come in a wide range of prices and models. You might build your own if you have space to dig out a pit in your yard and surround it with hardscaping to protect flammable landscaping elements. You can also buy pre-made, portable fire pits. Some are even propane powered, so you can forego chopping wood.
  10. Brighten the night. Add lighting to accentuate your home, pool or deck. Whether you install solar lights along the path to your front door, add wired lampposts or light fixtures or simply string up some Edison bulbs over your deck, you’ll make your home more inviting and safer.
  11. Replace siding and windows. Replacing siding and windows comes at a significant cost, but can add great value and curb appeal to your home. The average replacement siding project recoups up to 75.6% of its value. The average vinyl windows project recoups up to 75.4% of its value.  Windows can also increase your energy efficiency, which may help offset some of the cost.

As we head into cooler weather, it’s a prime time to plan for spring — or get a jump on projects when builders are less busy. Happy home improving!


About The Author: Dave Kile is the North American Sales Manager for TrexRainEscape.
Photo by Irina Murza on Unsplash

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