The Benefits of Cultured Stone over Natural Stone

Siding - Stone OptionsNatural stone can be an extremely attractive, distinctive, and memorable type of exterior siding. The problem, however, is that stone isn’t always the most practical option because of its cost, difficult installation process, and waste factor. However, at Alure Home Improvements, we offer a gorgeous alternative in the form of cultured stone. This stone veneer product has been designed to replicate the beauty of natural stone without its notable limitations, making it a compelling investment into homes of all types and sizes.

Stone siding, unsurprisingly, can be extremely heavy and may require wall ties and footings in order to be installed on the home. This can be an issue because not all homes can support the weight of natural stone. Furthermore, the difficulty and potential high cost of installation can be prohibitive. Veneer stone, on the other hand, is made from molds of real stone, but is much lighter and has been designed to adhere easily to a variety of surfaces. As a result, it’s a far more practical option for installation on nearly any building plan and can even be installed easily in both the interior and exterior of the home as well. Plus, natural stone has a tendency to cost as much as two to three times as much as stone veneer.

At Alure Home Improvements, we are a full-service home remodeling company with extensive experience meeting the siding needs of local homeowners throughout the area. We’re proud to offer a variety of siding options to choose from, including cultured stone veneer, so no matter your unique aesthetic preferences, you’re sure to find the ideal siding solution in our inventory. If you have been considering investing in natural stone to accent the exterior of your home, contact Alure Home Improvements and schedule a design consultation with one of our experienced professionals and learn about the siding installation service we offer.

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