A Trusted Roofing Company Offers Storm Damage Repair for Long Island, NY, Homes

Storm RepairAfter a storm has ripped through Long Island, you’ve probably seen clear evidence of its aftermath—fallen tree limbs, hanging gutters, blown-off roofing shingles. No part of your home is more exposed to the elements than your roof, and storms do take a toll on roofing systems. Sometimes, the damage might not be as obvious as shingles strewn across your lawn, and its effects will show up later in water stains on your ceiling or a musty smell in your attic. But you shouldn’t wait for interior damage to happen. If your roof has been damaged in a storm, or you suspect that it has sustained prior damage, turn to the roofing professionals at Alure Home Improvements. We offer prompt and effective storm damage repair for all types of residential roofing systems.

Solutions for Your Roofing Emergency

In the case of a roofing emergency, don’t go up on your roof; a damaged roof can be a precarious environment to navigate. Instead, inspect the roof visually from the ground for signs of damage like missing shingles or loose gutters. Then, give us a call. We can perform expert roof repairs for damage caused by:

  • High winds that can tear off shingles, loosen flashing, or pry gutters from the roof
  • Fallen tree limbs, power poles, or wind-driven debris that can penetrate your roof
  • Hail that can displace asphalt shingle granules or even puncture the shingles
  • Snow, ice, and freezing temperatures, which can loosen flashing and masonry

Whatever the cause of your roofing emergency, we will visit your home to assess the damage and provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate for repair service that will provide optimal weather protection and return your home to normal. For more information, contact Alure Home Improvements.

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