We Install Self-Adhered Roofing Systems for Low-Slope Roofs Throughout Long Island, NY

Self-Adhered Roofing System If you’ve ever had to replace the roof on your garage or porch, you understand the disadvantages of traditional low-slope installation methods. Typically, these involve the use of mopped asphalt, solvent adhesives, and torch welding that bring application constraints and can increase installation time. Traditional methods can also generate fumes that cause discomfort for clients and roofers alike. Fortunately, Alure Home Improvements offers a real solution for residential low-slope applications. We install the Owens Corning DeckSeal Self-Adhered Roofing System for homes across Long Island, New York, delivering results that have drawn raves.

Designed by a Leading Manufacturer

Owens Corning is one of the biggest names in the industry. Backed by 75 years of building science experience, Owens Corning has developed durable membranes that eliminate the inconveniences of conventional low-slope systems and yield reliable long-term performance. When Alure’s team of extensively trained roofing professionals installs your low-slope roof, you can expect the process to be:

  • Faster than with traditional systems to give you a new low-slope roof quicker than you might have imagined
  • Safe—no kettles or torches are required for installation
  • Clean, with none of the fumes and odors that accompany hot mop or solvent adhesive systems

Excellent Options for Long Island Homeowners

Our self-adhered roofing system features coating options in several attractive colors that can complement your home’s roofing shingles. What’s more, it can be applied as either a two- or three-ply system depending on the level of protection you require. If you would like more information, contact Alure Home Improvements. We can set up a virtual consultation at your convenience.

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