Innovative Kitchen Remodeling – Consider a Kitchen Island

A kitchen renovation is often an expensive endeavor, but will yield great returns on investment for the remainder of your time using it, or when you turn around to sell. The kitchen is often the center of your home, where people gather. And a kitchen island can be a great foundation.

As the hub, or centerpiece of a kitchen, kitchen islands are highly requested during remodels. In a small kitchen, adding an island that incorporates the same colors and materials as the rest of the kitchen will also make it feel larger. Where space can be limited, adding a kitchen island can provide extra storage. But that’s an obvious benefit to adding a kitchen island. In addition to placing cabinets underneath the counter, there’s room for appliances such as a dishwasher, microwave, oven or maybe a wine chiller.

Your kitchen island also provides extra seating. It’s a place to sit and relax for more informal dining, courtesy of a high bar. It also provides extra counter space for either cooking preparation, or for your cooktop, or second sink.

Kitchen islands offer versatility, with benefits of added storage, display, and functionality. These are things that most kitchens could use more of, and a kitchen island solves that problem while adding style to your space.

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