Choose a Bathroom Vanity that Suits Your Needs and Style

In recent years, bathrooms have morphed into a place where people go to retreat, to unwind after a long day, and to relax. Creating the oasis of your dreams is an investment in terms of both time and money, but the returns are immense.

A bathroom vanity is generally a staple of the room. It may be a subtle piece of furniture that fits with the theme of the room, or it may be the accent piece that commands attention in an otherwise minimalist space. No matter what your style – contemporary, country, traditional, vintage or other – your bathroom vanity plays an essential role. When searching for the right piece of furniture, make sure it reflects both your taste and meets your functionality needs.

If you can’t find a bathroom vanity that you like, try getting creative. Turning other household table furniture items into bathroom vanities can help create cool, unique pieces in your room. What about using a desk, a farm table, or a chest of drawers? There are many things you can do to refurbish these old or new pieces and turn them into a bathroom vanity to truly reflect you and your style.

For more inspiration, sort through our gallery, schedule a free, easy consultation, or come to our kitchen and bath showroom!

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