3 common questions about insulation, answered

Posted by in All Exteriors,Educational Resources,Home Improvements | October 22, 2014
3 common questions about insulation, answered

No matter whether you live in New York or Newport Beach, the right insulation is key for ensuring that your home is both comfortable and energy-efficient. By reducing heat flow, high-quality insulation can minimize the amount of energy you use to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. That translates to lower heating bills and significant savings over time.

Still, many homeowners may be overwhelmed by the prospect of installing new insulation. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions you may have, as well as some helpful tips about installation.

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3 ways to make your bathroom high end on a low-end budget

Posted by in Bathrooms | October 17, 2014
Remodeling on a tight budget is difficult, but possible. Here's how to make your bathroom appear high end when money is tight.

If you’ve been in your home for a while, or if you’re new to a place and you just want a different look, you may be considering a bathroom renovation. As you start researching, one of your main points of consideration should be budget. According to Alure Home Improvements’ kitchen and bathroom designer Patricia Nicolini, the average renovations for a 5′ x 7′ or 5′ x 10′ bathroom could cost families around $18,000 to $22,000, depending on which changes you’re seeking. Remodeling on a tight budget is difficult, but possible. Here’s how to make your bathroom appear high end when money is tight.

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Best of Long Island: Getting out the vote!

Posted by in In The Community | October 10, 2014

So it’s that time of year again where we have been graciously nominated in various categories for the Best of Long Island contest put on by our friends at the Long Island Press and Bethpage Federal Credit Union. Perhaps you found your way here as a result of our folks sharing some of their favorite things. We would love to know how you feel about their choices!!

We are humbled to be included in this contest year after year and need your help with getting out the vote!! We hope you will continue to read on and vote for us, as well as your other favorite things about Long Island. You can vote once per day! Best of luck to all that were nominated!

1)      Vote for us in the Home and Garden section…click on the link http://vote.longislandpress.com/engine/YourSubmission.aspx?contestid=144234

2)      We have been nominated in the following categories: Best Contractor, Best Handyman, Best Kitchen and BathBest Roofing Company, Best Siding Company and Best Window Company.

3)      Scroll down to each of the above categories and click on the circle next to Alure

4)      When this is done, scroll down to the bottom of the page, check the box to accept the Terms of Service, and click on Enter Now.

Our President and CEO, Sal Ferro, has been nominated along with the team as Best Philanthropist!! We are all very proud of our charitable endeavors and appreciate being nominated in this category! Here is how you can cast your vote for that category:

1)      Vote for Sal Ferro and Alure in the Services section…click on the link http://vote.longislandpress.com/engine/YourSubmission.aspx?contestid=144511

2)      Scroll down to Best Philanthropist

3)      Click on the circle next to Sal Ferro / Alure Home Improvments – Plainview

4)      When this is done, scroll down to the bottom of the page, check the box to accept the Terms of Service, and click on Enter Now.

As always, we thank you for support and ongoing confidence!


3 signs that your roof is in need of replacement

Posted by in Roofing | October 9, 2014
Look out for these 3 signs that your roof in is need of replacement

Roofs are critical to the functional and aesthetic integrity of your home. A poorly installed, damaged or older roof can lead to leaks and holes that can cause widespread structural damage throughout much of your home. While a massive leak or hole through the ceiling may be obvious warning signs that you may need a new roof, there are subtler issues that can signal a bigger problem.

Alure Home Improvements’ roofing and exterior design expert Mike Serra explained in an interview that there are three warning signs every homeowner should keep an eye out for when it comes to the roof. 

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What you need to know before installing a whirlpool tub

Posted by in Bathrooms | October 8, 2014
Don't install a whirlpool tub without reading these tips from Alure's bathroom designer Brian Curry.

Adding a whirlpool tub to your bathroom can instantly make it more elegant and luxurious. It can transform the room from a basic bathroom into a soothing spa for all to enjoy without even leaving your home. Alure’s bathroom designer Brian Curry explained everything you need to know before choosing and installing one in your own house.

Choose the right style for you
The good thing about a whirlpool tub is that it can typically be installed in any standard 5′ by 7′ or 5′ by 8′ bathroom without taking up too much space, noted Curry. You don’t need to have a large area or undergo a bathroom renovation to properly and comfortably fit one. That being said, you should choose one that fits your style as well as your budget.

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Create a chef-style kitchen in your home

Posted by in Kitchens | October 6, 2014
Create a chef-style kitchen in your home

Some people use their kitchens as a family dining area or place to make lunch in the morning, but for others it’s more of a workshop. Kitchens can become spaces for amateur chefs to explore their culinary arts, making delicious baked goods, innovative stews and fantastic dinners for family and friends. Many people who use their kitchens for elaborate and frequent cooking, baking, broiling, simmering and everything else enjoy a kitchen renovation that upgrades their space and equipment.

Alure Home Improvements’ kitchen design expert Brian Curry talked about a few of the most important aspects to consider when designing a chef-style kitchen in your home.

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Everything you need to know about converting your basement into a gym

Posted by in Basements | September 30, 2014
Everything you need to know about converting your basement into a gym

One of the biggest challenges that comes with staying in shape is simply getting yourself to the gym. But what if you had one in your very own home? A basement is an ideal space for gym equipment, as it has strong floors that can support the weight of the equipment. Converting this area of your home into a personal workout center is a great way to avoid excuses, make your workouts more convenient and get back on top of your fitness goals. You can customize your home gym, too, according to your specific needs. Best of all, you’ll dodge expensive ongoing gym fees, saving you a substantial amount of money in the long run.

Designing your dream home gym demands some important considerations, however. Greg Griffin, Alure Home Improvements’ basement design expert, offered some insight into the planning process.

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Extend the life of your roof

Posted by in Roofing | September 17, 2014
Extend the life of your roof

Replacing your roof isn’t something that you want to do regularly. Although sometimes time or extreme weather can ravage a roof, most people want to make sure that when they install a new one it won’t be going anywhere. New shingles should last, protecting your home from the elements day in and day out for decades. Alure Home Improvements’ exterior design expert Mike Serra told homeowners a few different ways to keep their replacement roofs working for them for as long as they need.

Use architectural shingles and a certified installer 
Serra advised homeowners to stay away from 3-tab shingles. This once-popular roofing material came in a single sheet that was cut before being put down. This allowed water to get between the sheets over time and cause structural damage. Instead, Serra recommended using 2-ply architectural shingles. 

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5 tips for renovating your basement when relatives are moving in

Posted by in Basements | September 2, 2014
5 aspects to include when renovating your basement for relatives to move in

It’s not uncommon for multiple generations to live under one roof. Alure Home Improvements’ design expert Greg Griffin explained that remodeling your basement to accommodate your parents or relatives isn’t just normal, but can actually end up being a positive in multiple ways.

When you turn your basement into an extra bedroom, apartment or living space, you’re able to bring your family closer and provide them space to live. Griffin also pointed out that it can add substantial value to your home without creating the tax-related costs that an exterior addition or other new construction may. For many homeowners, it also makes much more financial sense to invest in an extra living space in their own home rather than pay for a parent’s or relative’s apartment.

If you’re considering creating a finished basement for a relative, parent or other guest, Griffin outlined some of the most important tips to keep in mind to create a comfortable, safe and functional space. 

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A Labor Day Reflection

Posted by in In The Community | August 29, 2014

Summer is almost over, the kids are going back to school and football is back! This can only mean one thing, Labor Day weekend is here. Time for BBQ’s, beaches, enjoying family and friends and getting ready to say goodbye to summer vacation. Let’s add to that! Let’s actually celebrate Labor Day for what it is. A day to recognize and give tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity and well-being of our great country. We celebrate past presidents birthdays, great Americans and our country’s independence in honor of the role they played in our countries history and greatness. All well deserved!!

Where would our country be without the hard work, dedication, skill, drive, and overall contributions from its labor force? The answer is we would not be the great economic and industrial leader of the world. So let’s celebrate Labor Day for what it is this year and remember nothing gets done without the men and women day in and day out doing it! I’d like to recognize the employees and tradesman of Alure for all the contributions they make day in and day out.

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