UltraShield Sliding doors are the perfect complement to your home’s individuality and the  design décor you’re creating. It’s more than an entrance or egress, it’s a statement of who you are, your view on life, and how you want the world to enter and exit.

It’s family and friends, all those gathered at the door to your world, and the statement is, “Welcome,” inside and out.

Dependable security, high durability and easy operation are just a part of the inside story on how UltraShield has transformed a good idea into a great sliding door for every home style.

Sliding Door Features:

  • Polyurethane insulation for superior energy efficiency
  • Fiberglass-reinforced construction. 
    • I-beam structural core for ultimate strength
  • Three-point locking system provides greater security
    • Recessed in the door panel
    • Three locks simultaneously engage with the door jamb when the door is closed and locked
  • Optional ventilation/dead bolt foot-lock available
  • Superior sound reduction and 99.5%+ UV protection with the Heat Mirror glass options
  • Exclusive full-length Interlock for easy, unhampered operation
  • Quad seal weather-stripping offers double protection over the industry standard
  • Top hung screen provides smooth trouble-free operation with no hang-ups
  • Lift and Tilt SunBlinds available
    • Option for cordless side slide lift and tilt operatior blinds
  • Available in a configuration up to 12′ wide, where the center section slides and the two end sections are stationary