Easy Gourmet Appetizer Recipes From Alure’s Design & Planning Show

Posted by in Design & Planning Show | March 28, 2011

What is your “go to” appetizer when entertaining in your home?

Mine has always been chips and dip (store bought, nothing fancy). This is because it’s easy to make and quite honestly, I was a terrible cook…until recently when I was shown a few really easy, really delicious appetizers during Alure’s 4th Annual Design & Planning Show. (See a recap of the show here)

Frank Felico of Felico’s in Farmingdale, NY ran a great seminar all weekend called Appetizer Creations that took place in the “green” kitchen display in Alure’s showroom. The seminar taught attendees how to make a few simple, gourmet appetizers from start to finish.

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How to Prepare for a Recovering Home Improvement Market

Posted by in Remodeling,Tips & Tricks | March 24, 2011

Sal Ferro is the President and CEO of Alure Home Improvements

A business colleague recently sent me an interesting article from the New York Times that inspired me to share some of my thoughts. The article reported that the home improvement market is showing signs of recovering nationwide and it offers some great tips for home remodeling customers to consider.

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Home Theater: Which Flat Panel TV is Right for your Space?

Posted by in Basements,Home Entertainment | March 15, 2011

Here we are a little over one month removed from the Super Bowl, and with the start of March Madness I’ve begun thinking about my flat screen HDTV. Some of the folks we sit with and present the Owens Corning Basement Finishing System to, are looking to convert their basement into a TV room or in some cases a full blown Man Cave!

So many things need to be considered when designing space for a home theater. For some the most important piece is the TV itself. I came across this informative Buying Guide in PC World Magazine and found some great points:

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5 Marketing Lessons Learned from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Posted by in Extreme Makeover Home Edition | March 11, 2011

Over the years Alure’s involvement with ABC-TV’s hit show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition has been a rewarding experience for each of us that have been able to contribute to the builds. We have connected with each family and their stories, allowing us to experience the very best humans have to offer. To be on site and witness the commitment of long hours and the effort is inspiring to say the least. Our most recent build provided many of the same lessons and some new ones as well.

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8 Tips to Help You Protect Your Home This Spring

Posted by in Resources,Tips & Tricks | March 8, 2011

It’s almost here. Fishing, Golf, Gardening… it’s SPRING! What seemed like the longest winter is now slowly but surely coming to a close, and for home owners, it can’t come soon enough. Houses can take a beating during the winter season, indoor and out.

So what is on your spring checklist to whip your biggest investment back into shape and prepare for the warmer months?

Here is a list of spring check-ups you can do to save yourself some trouble down the road:

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We Think You’re Pretty Awesome!

Posted by in In The Community,Social Media | February 22, 2011

That’s right, we think YOU are awesome! Please allow me a moment to explain why. We were thrilled to learn that we had earned an award for Best Campaign at this year’s Marketing Over Coffee Awards for our use of

social networking during the Lutz Family Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

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4 Important Components to Consider when Remodeling Your Bathroom

Posted by in Bathrooms,Remodeling | February 17, 2011

What could you do to turn your bathroom into your dream bathroom?

This is a popular question these days among homeowners considering home improvement efforts. What’s amazing is that the smallest room in the house very well could require the most thought.

Gina Bonura is a Custom Kitchen and Bath Designer here at Alure Home Improvements.  She was recently quoted in an article about bathroom remodeling in Long Island House & Home Magazine sharing some of her experience with clients. Here are some keys to think about when considering components for your bathroom remodel.

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Building Homes, Relationships and Community through Social Media

Posted by in Extreme Makeover Home Edition,In The Community,Social Media | February 9, 2011

I really enjoy social networking and it has been an incredible experience witnessing how Alure’s social media presence is developing. Our involvement with the Lutz Family episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition provided us the opportunity to share the experience with the world in real time via our Facebook Page. We put a call out to our fans to help with the build and the community response was incredible.

Debbie Oatman and her boys were the family receiving the Extreme Makeover when we worked on the Camp Heartland build in 2007. Debbie learned of the Lutz Family build through our Facebook posts and immediately picked up the phone to arrange for her family to be on site throughout the week. Here is part of an interview Debbie, Kevin and Scout did with the media on the Lutz site in which Debbie explains how she found out about the build from our Facebook posts.

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Recap: 2011 Alure Design & Planning Show

Posted by in Design & Planning Show | January 21, 2011

Each year, during Martin Luther King weekend, we open our showrooms to the public in an effort to display the services we provide as well as offer some useful seminars for families considering home improvement projects. The event is usually very well attended and this year was no different. Here is a recap from the weekend and we hope our readers will provide feedback on things for us to consider for future events.

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And So a New Year Begins

Posted by in Design & Planning Show,Extreme Makeover Home Edition | January 14, 2011

Well, we have said goodbye to 2010 and hello to 2011.  As in all years we have memorable moments from the past year mixed with excitement and the unknown about the New Year.

The Lutz Family at first sight of their new home!

2010 saw us complete our 8th Extreme Makeover!  Another special house, another miracle for another very special family.  The Lutz family will remain in our family like all our Extreme Makeover: Home Edition heroes for the years to come.

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